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The healing power of CBD oil or cannabinoid oil

  1. Cannabinoids are curative in cancer and analgesic in a large number of diseases. They have no side effects, at least if you don't use too much of them. In the Netherlands, the Mediwiet foundation, which was set up by Amsterdam's first coffee shop owner Wernard Bruining, sells cannabis oil and CBD oil. These products have been shown to be very effective in a number of diseases. The evidence for this has not only been obtained from practice, but there are also 40 scientific studies describing the medicinal properties of cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil, omega 3 and 6 and cancer

  1. CBD is the truncation of cannabidiol. Cannabidiol belongs to a large group of cannabinoids. CBD counteracts anxiety attacks and thus temper the negative effects of THC in cannabis. There are many videos and stories about cannabis oil as a medicinal plant on the internet. It works mainly with cancer, but possibly also with a large number of other as yet unexplored diseases. The healing power of cannabis oil or CBD oil in cancer has been extensively researched. It turns out that endocannabinoids are a kind of omega 3 and omega 6 substances. Dr Warburg already discovered in the first half of the last century that a chronic deficiency of omega 3 and 6 is a cause of cancer. This deficiency is caused by eating too many refined oils and margarines. Originally, these fatty products contain enough omega 3 and 6 fats, but because the industrial manufacturing process is more focused on shelf life than health, these substances are removed from the products and other substances are processed into trans fats. By applying oil from the cannabis plant, the natural omega 3 and 6 balance can restore so that cells no longer turn into cancer cells. If you want to know more about the effect of omega 3 and 6 read the book; Brian Peskin's Untold Story of Cancer

From hippie to drug manufacturer

  1. Cannabis oil contains THC but CBD oil almost does not. It is different from hemp oil made from the seeds, which is simply available in organic food stores. Rick Simpson has been in the U.S. I made cannabis oil myself and found out that it is indeed a medicinal product. On the basis of this information, Wernard Bruining went to work with cannabis oil. Wernard is an experienced entrepreneur; as a hippie he opened a coffee shop called '' Mellow Yellow '' in the 1970s. This still exists and is the oldest coffee shop of Medicinal cannabis plant is emerging. / Source: Grower, Wikimedia Commons (Public domain) Netherlands

Dutch state denies people a medicinal plant

  1. The cannabis plant

Healing Hemp

  1. Wernard Bruining has written a book entitled '' healing hemp ''. Based on this book and his knowledge about CBD oil and cannabis oil, he gives lectures where the product is sold. He could become quite rich selling cannabis oil because many people experience this healing effect themselves. But getting rich is not his main goal; he wants to share knowledge about the healing power of cannabis oil. He tells on YouTube how you can grow cannabis oil yourself. In Canada and the USA

Good for people and society

  1. Because cannabis oil is a cheaply producible medicine, medical costs would be incurred in the Netherlands

Hemp, a forbidden panacea

  1. Cannabis is not only a helpful remedy in medicine. It is also a potential means of shaping a sustainable society. In fact, the widespread use of cannabis as an industrial substance has been the cause of the ban on weed. The cannabis plant is a kind of miracle plant that can be used for thousands of industrial purposes. In history, hemp was used as a multifunctional raw material

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