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The healing power of celery

  1. Celery is a beautiful vegetable that is related to the regular celery. It is a healthy vegetable. The celery is best eaten raw or cooked briefly. Celery is a crunchy alternative to a snack vegetable dish. You can spread cream cheese into the hollow of the celery. You can enrich this cream cheese with some green herbs first. This is an ideal and cozy snack. There are even more ways to top this tasty vegetable snack.

Nutritional value of celery

  1. Vitamins and minerals are abundantly present in celery. 100 grams contain a lot of vitamin K, 36% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

Minerals in celery

  1. As far as minerals are concerned, it contains a lot of potassium. One ounce of celery contains 7.5% of the RDI for potassium, 6.5% of the RDA for molybdenum, 5% of the RDA for manganese and 4% of the RDA for calcium. Celery also contains the amino acid

Celery in Chinese Medicine

  1. It has been known in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years that celery, or celery, which are of course identical twin sisters to each other, has a blood pressure lowering effect. Very recently, science has found clues as to why celery is a natural plant-based blood pressure reducer

Celery for high blood pressure

  1. In itself the research described above is a fairly crude method of science, but they are not yet so far that they have invented methods to elevate this non-animal to scientific fact. The scientists are concerned with extracting a substance to later turn it into a medicine with an expensive patent. Meanwhile, more sensible people can eat plain celery if they have high blood pressure. One note to this is that there is sodium

Celery against cancer

  1. Celery fights cancer in two ways. There are coumarins in this crunchy vegetable. Those are phytonutrients

Ancient celery

  1. In the ancient times of the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans

Tips for eating Celery

  1. Celery is an excellent food to eat raw; it is a wonderful snack vegetable. Not only can you spread cream cheese on the hollow stems, but peanut butter and tahini are also a delicacy in combination with the fresh celery stalk. When you cut celery into small pieces, you can stir-fry this vegetable. The leaves are perfect for a salad. There are people who consider the leaves inedible and throw them away, that's a shame! You can put the leaves in a soup or stock. You can chop the celery leaves and sprinkle them over the boiled potatoes.

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