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The healing power of dried fruits

  1. Dried fruit is tasty and healthy candy. Dried fruit has been used to enrich food since ancient times. You can sweeten food naturally with dried fruit. In addition, it is also healthy. There are slightly less vitamins than in fresh fruit, but you can eat more of dried fruit. It is a tasty and medicinal ingredient in many types of meals.

Peels can be dried

  1. There are all kinds of dried fruits for sale. The different types are listed in a table at the bottom of this article. The easiest way to buy mixed dried fruits is to buy a bag of tutti frutti. There is already a mixture in there. You can buy loose raisins, dried apple, dried cranberry, and goji berries. It is also a good idea to dry fruits yourself. This also applies to dried fruit peels. It is relatively easy to dry them because you can just put them on a plate that you put on the central heating or in front of a window where a lot of sun comes in. From organic apples and oranges

Vitamins in dried fruit

  1. By releasing heat from an oven on the fruit, some vitamins are lost. Dried fruits contain less vitamin C than fresh fruits. On the other hand, the phytonutrients are in higher concentrations in the dried variety of fruit. There are many polyphenols in fruits that act as antioxidants. They help prevent damage to cells caused by free radicals. Some fruits contain much more of a certain vitamin or mineral. For example, tolerated apricots contain a relatively large amount of vitamin A and plums are an above-average good source of vitamin K. Dried fruit is packed with fiber. These help to digest food better and more gradually. Almost all dried fruit contain the minerals magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, potassium and calcium


  1. Tuttifrutti is the most famous dish that makes extensive use of dried fruits. It contains dried apricot, plum, pear, peach and apple. You can also buy tutti frutti to add these fruits to your homemade muesli. Then there is no need for sugar

The raisin

  1. Raisins are the best known dried fruit. Raisins are dried grapes

Raw food

  1. No sugar is used in the raw food diet. Fruits are used to make sweet snacks. Very tasty pastries can be made with dried dates. You can add dried fruit pieces to pancake batter. Chop the dried fruit, put it in the pan and pour the pancake batter over it to make a delicious tutti-fruttip pancake is a great way to make a nice dessert. Dried fruit is an excellent sprinkle on a salad; especially mixed with the sour lemon

Dried fruit table

  1. Apple Tomato Cherry Fig Plum Peach Mango Goji Berry Papaya Blueberry Raisin Dates Blackcurrant Tomato

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