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The healing power of elderberries

  1. Elderberries naturally grow on the well-known elderberry shrub that you see growing here and there in the Netherlands. It is native here and in the rest of Europe. This beautiful shrub with large clusters of flowers is not out of place in any garden. Elderberries can be eaten when they are well ripe, but more often they are used as a base for a syrup. You can make tea from the flowers.

Rediscovery of the elderberry

  1. The elderberry has medicinal properties that are currently being completely rediscovered. Hippocrates, a physician from ancient Greece, already praised the elderberry for its medicinal qualities. Today people are becoming more and more convinced of the limitations of medical science. Medical science itself is investigating more and more intensively into the traditional medicinal plants of traditional folk medicine and herbal medicine

Wound treatment with elderberry

  1. Elderberries have been used to treat wounds for centuries. The mashed berries are applied to the wound. When you eat them you can fight illnesses such as colds and flu. Both the flowers and the fruits help to heal throat infections. The elderberry flowers are among the flowers to enjoy

Do not eat unripe elderberries!

  1. For elderberry, it is warned that you should not eat unripe fruit because it may contain cyanide. You have to eat a lot of cyanide to notice the poison. The ripe elderberries are boiled so that they no longer contain cyanide. Elderberries become in the Netherlands

Anthocyanins, healthier than vitamins

  1. Elderberries contain many anthocyanins. This contains stronger antioxidants

Elderberry is good for overweight and high blood pressure

  1. There are all kinds of foods in nature that fight obesity. In a German research institute, the Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Freiburg, researchers concluded that elderberry juice helps to get rid of obesity. Elderberry juice was combined with powdered extracts of berries and powdered extracts of asparagus

Tips for eating elderberries

  1. Elderberries are used in various ways in the kitchen. There is a delicious recipe of elderflower in elderflower fritters. It is made in the same way as apple fritters but with elderberries. But try to use the flowers more often! You can also happily feast on a flower salad. Of course you can also drink elderberry juice. Elderberry syrup works well in muesli, yogurt and over homemade ice cream. It is also a nice drink if you add water. Elderberry tea should not be missing as a choice on the tea table.

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