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The healing power of ground elder

  1. When you have a vegetable garden, it is often overgrown by ground elder. Ground elder is easiest to recognize by the fact that each twig has seven leaves. What should you do against a large expansion of ground elder in the garden? Very simple: eat! The ground elder is a healthy, tasty and medicinal herb. In the past, ground elder was one of the first herbs to be eaten after winter. Young shoots of elder shoot from the ground from February. Elder is a perennial.

Ground cover vegetables

  1. Elder is by the ancient Romans

Nutritional value of ground elder

  1. Ground elder is delicious as an alternative salad leaf in an original salad, but you can prepare it like spinach. It is a healthy plant with a lot of vitamins A and C. The minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium are in large measure. Ground elder is an easy plant to grow, so easy in fact that you almost never get rid of it or you have to eat a lot of it. When you pick it again and again, the root system becomes impoverished and the plant will disappear. The advantage of eating wild vegetables is that they are all organic

Tips for eating ground elder

  1. Ground elder is a delicacy that tastes somewhat like parsley. You can add the leaves raw to a salad or blanch or stir-fry them. They taste great with fried rice. You can make a variation on a potato stew with ground elder or with a mix of ground elder, nettle and spinach

Elder pesto

  1. You can use ground elder to make a pesto. To do this, mix the following ingredients: ground elder, pecorino (Italian sheep's cheese), garlic, olive oil, walnuts and pepper and salt. Spread the pesto over a sandwich with butter

Herb butter

  1. You can make a delicious herb butter with ground elder: Take a packet of butter and add finely chopped nettle, wild garlic, thyme and ground elder. Top it off with a few drops of lemon juice. Serve the herb butter with potatoes

Savory pie

  1. You can make a savory pie with ground elder. For this you need 4 eggs, 100 grams of Dutch cheese and two to four handfuls of ground elder. Of course you also need puff pastry. You put these slices of dough in a baking tin. Make sure the dough fits well; overlap and cover the walls of the pan. Divide the egg-cheese-elder mixture over the bottom. Bake it in an oven at 160 degrees for 40 minutes.

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