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The healing power of hazelnut oil

  1. The hazelnut is one of the few nuts originally from Europe. Almost all other nuts come from elsewhere in the world. Naturally, the hazelnut tree has now spread to Asia and North America. It is grown for its nuts in Spain, Turkey, Italy and the USA The hazelnut tree thrives in the Mediterranean climate. In addition to the valuable oils, hazelnut is a rich source of protein.

Hazelnut in History

  1. The hazelnut tree was sacred to Celts, Germans and Vikings. Celtic and Germanic priests used hazelnut wood to cut a magic wand or dowsing rod. A staff of hazelnut wood could ward off snakes. In ancient Greece, the hazelnut was

Corylus Avellana

  1. Hazelnut oil is a yellow oil. Three kilos of hazelnut are needed to make a liter of hazelnut oil. The Latin name for hazelnut tree is Corylus Avellena

Hazelnut oil for the metabolism

  1. Hazelnut oil is very healthy. It regulates metabolism and promotes bile production. The value of hazelnut oil benefits the whole body. It contains vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E manganese and iron

Hazelnut in the meal

  1. Hazelnut oil has a powerful nut flavor that makes it stand out well in a salad. You can process the nut in deserts; hazelnut itself has something sweet, which makes it excellent with other sweets such as honey

Hazelnut oil and anti-cancer olive oil

  1. Hazelnut oil should not be heated as it will lose valuable ingredients. This oil helps prevent cardiovascular disease. The fact that hazelnut oil only contains basic omega 6 and no basic omega 3 fatty acids makes it a good nut to combine with olive oil. A tablespoon of this mix ensures that you get enough essential fatty acids for the entire day. According to Brian Peskin's book "The Untold Story of Cancer"

Fatty acids in hazelnut oil:

  1. Palmitic acid: 6.0% Stearic Acid: 2.0% Oleic acid: 78% Linoleic acid: 14%

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