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The healing power of horseradish

  1. Horseradish is a sharp tasting carrot. The taste is a bit like mustard and radish that it is related to. In Japan there is also a variant of horseradish called wasabi. The European variant is sold in every Dutch supermarket and comes with a jar of ground into sauce. Horseradish grows very well in the Netherlands. This root vegetable is originally found in Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. Horseradish is called horseradish in English, but it is poisonous to horses.

Vitamins of horseradish

  1. There is a lot of vitamin C in horseradish. 100 grams of horseradish contains 61% of the

Minerals horseradish

  1. Horseradish contains various minerals. For sodium, 100 grams of horseradish contains 21% of the RDI. Zinc is in this white root crop with 8% of the RDI. Manganese, copper and calcium are all contained in horseradish with a percentage of 6%. Potassium, iron and phosphorus all have percentages of 5%. it is unique to a vegetable

Medicinal use of horseradish

  1. Horseradish was used in the ancient times of the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks

Horseradish good for the respiratory tract

  1. Horseradish is good for the respiratory tract. It is a medicine for cough and bronchitis. This white root vegetable dissolves inflammation in the throat and oral cavities. It is also good for lung diseases. The mucus is broken down by horseradish. This root has a healing effect against hay fever, colds and the flu. It is a natural antibiotic

Mustard oil against cancer

  1. Just like in many cabbages, which are related to horseradish, this root vegetable contains very healthy glucosinolates. It contains sinigrin, which is converted in the body to allyl isothiocyanate, the scientific name for mustard oil. This substance is known for its antioxidant effect

When should you not eat horseradish?

  1. Horseradish is not good for people who have stomach problems such as heartburn and ulcer and hypothyroid or reduced thyroid gland.

  2. Horseradish is not good for people who have stomach problems such as heartburn and ulcer and hypothyroid or decreased thyroid function.

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