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The healing power of lemon

  1. Real knuckles eat a lemon in no time. You give yourself a natural vitamin boost, but also ultra-healthy phytonutrients end up in your body. They look for free radicals that cause damage to DNA. When you eat a lemon or drink squeezed lemon juice with water and honey, you immediately feel a lot better. If you eat this sour fruit regularly, you no longer need anti-wrinkle creams. Lemon ensures that the skin remains more beautiful from the inside. Your skin will glow if you eat lemon regularly.


  1. Antivirus and antibacterial 10 medicinal properties of the lemon. Lemon for fever How do you eat lemon? Lemon against acne Lemon against anxiety

Antivirus and antibacterial

  1. Viruses and bacteria together are the largest pathogens. Lemon has an anti-bacterial and antiviral effect. It prevents all kinds of diseases. Eating lemon prevents colds and flu due to the high dose of vitamin C in combination with phytonutrients that have an antioxidant effect. The lemon helps to remove toxins, including free radicals, from the body more quickly. That's why this citrus fruit works

10 medicinal properties of the lemon.

  1. Cancer, because it contains many antioxidants that eliminate free radicals, Malaria, because the parasite does not survive the substances in the blood that come from lemon, High blood pressure, because it prevents cholesterol deposits (arteriosclerosis), Heart attack, because lemon counteracts arteriosclerosis. The potassium in lemon is good for the heart. Rheumatism, because substances that cause rheumatism are broken down faster, Kidney and bladder problems, it prevents kidney stones like all citrus fruits, Helps heal hepatitis faster, Internal worms such as tapeworm, Obesity, because the fiber makes you feel full for a long time and because fat is burned faster, Helps oxygen uptake in the blood at high altitudes.

Lemon against fever

  1. The bright yellow sour fruit is an effective medicine if you have a fever. Making lukewarm lemon juice every two hours by squeezing a lemon and adding honey and lukewarm water will quicken the fever. Viruses and bacteria

How do you eat lemon?

  1. There are several ways to eat the lemon. You can peel it and eat the wedges. Some find that too sour; those are not real knights. You can put the juice over a salad instead of vinegar. The sourness of vinegar or lemon makes a salad just a bit fresher. For that reason, this small fruit also works well in vegetable mixes that you eat with rice. In tropical countries they often also add lemon through the vegetables. That is extra tasty if it also contains hot peppers and palm sugar. The combination of sour, sweet and hot is very tasty. The juice is also delicious as a dressing over other fruit. Drizzle a papaya with lemon juice. You can also sprinkle an apple with this fresh citrus fruit. You will see that it does not brown. When you add apples to a fruit salad, it is important to put the apples in a lemon marinade so that you can keep the salad longer. Read here

Lemon against acne

  1. Besides eating lemon you can also spread lemon. Not just anywhere, of course. It is good for acne. You can cut the fruit half open and pick up a drop with your finger and place it on the pimple. Wash face after an hour. It works best if you do it in addition to drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice. This can be done with warm water and honey

Lemon against tension

  1. Inhaling lemon essential oil through your nose can calm you down. Fatigue and dizziness can disappear. Your concentration and alertness is also increased. There is magnesium in the lemon which helps you to better exercise brain functions. You can also drink pure lemon juice to prevent fatigue. But then you have to be a tough guy.

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