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The healing power of little galgant or laos

  1. Galgant is a plant from the ginger family and is native to China. Today it is hardly used as a natural medicine although it helps with nausea. We mainly know it as an Indonesian culinary herb under the name Laos. It originates in Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Japan and Hainan, a Chinese island off the coast of China.

Use of galgant worldwide

  1. In ancient Europe and during the Middle Ages, galgant was often used as a spice in cooking. Unfortunately that has fallen into disuse. Galgant is only used in Russia, Estonia and Lithuania. For example, in Russia it is used to make a vinegar

Naming galgant

  1. The Latin name for little galgant is Alpinia officinarum. In Dutch

Small galgant for digestion

  1. Small galgant is a bittering agent, and these help in particular to maintain a healthy digestion. It strengthens the stomach and stimulates appetite. The production of gastric and bile juices is activated by galangal. These juices are important for a healthy digestion, which is why galangal has a digestive effect. Phytotherapists

Laos with cramps

  1. Laos is most commonly used for stomach cramps and nausea. All kinds of cramps in the stomach, intestines and bile ducts are remedied with this root. Just like the more spicy cousin ginger

Other medicinal uses

  1. Laos has a number of applications that are not embraced by everyone. For example, it is a remedy for respiratory tract inflammation, it can cure dizziness and it would work well against hypochondria. This latter illness could be defined as 'the unreasonable fear of being seriously ill'.

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