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The healing power of lovage

  1. Lavas is also called maggi plant. People who cannot eat salt are advised to have a lovage plant in the garden. Lavas can grow up to two meters. You can use this herb to enrich soups, salads and hot meals. If you put lovage through your food, you won't miss the salt at all. Lavas has a nice aroma. The herb lovage is ideal for people on a low-salt diet.

Lavas Eating Tips

  1. The lovage plant originally grows in the Mediterranean and South West Asia. The plant is also doing very well in the Netherlands. A two meter high lovage plant is very tempting to use on a daily basis. You can walk up to it with a sign to pick some leaves. You can use the leaves whole as a salad leaf. If you finely chop the leaves, you can use them in the soup. When you have baked potatoes, you can put fresh cut leaves over the potatoes if they are already on your plate. Cooked brown rice can be seasoned in exactly the same way as potatoes. You can mix this herb with rosemary and thyme

Lava tea

  1. Lava tea is a medicinal tea that cleanses the kidneys and liver. Lovage can be used well as a mixed herb. You can mix it with dandelion leaf to drink a special liver cleansing tea. Lavas acts as an anti-flattening drug. In addition, it has a diuretic effect. That is, it stimulates the kidneys to make urine. Lava tea has been used for centuries to clean wounds. It is antiseptic, which means it fights bacteria. Lava tea also works well against indigestion

Previous use of lavas

  1. Lavas is a plant that can reach a height of two meters. It is a large perennial. It produces many yellow flowers. In the fall it dies until almost nothing remains. Lavas comes from Southern Europe. This spicy spice is related to angelica, parsnip, celery, parsley and fennel

Lavas, a medicinal delicacy

  1. Lavas is already described as a spice in Roman cookbooks. The Romans

Bergapten and other coumarins

  1. Lovage contains many phytonutrients. It contains coumarins and psoralens. Psoraal bergapten is a substance that can also be found in bergamot, parsnip, citrus oils and grapefruit juice


  1. Beta-sitosterol is a plant sterol. It is used in the treatment of prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia or 'BPH' which is benign prostate enlargement and baldness. It is not only found in lovage but also in corn, basil, buckwheat, soybeans, licorice root, black cumin, sage, cherimoya, senna, two-styled hawthorn, evening primrose, white mulberry, sea buckthorn, March violet


  1. Carvacrol is a fragrance and flavoring agent. It has properties that make foods keep longer. Carvacrol is a strong antiseptic, a bactericidal substance. Carvacrol is used as an essential oil. In addition to being a component of lovage, carvacrol is found in thyme, oregano and rosemary.

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