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The healing power of oatmeal milk

  1. Oatmeal milk offers practical and medicinal uses. It is also tasty and fun to make yourself. Oatmeal milk. Read the super simple recipe below and make the splash among health freaks with your own made oatmeal milk. Besides the fact that oatmeal milk has a healing effect on obesity and cholesterol-related problems, for example, it is important to realize that this drink has a lot of nutritional value.


  1. Why oatmeal milk? Make your own oatmeal milk Make it sweet Oatmeal lowers cholesterol but ... Against obesity Oatmeal milk usage tips

Why oatmeal milk?

  1. There are many reasons to drink oat milk instead of cow's milk. Much of the healing power of oatmeal applies to oatmeal milk. The medicinal aspects are not the only reasons for drinking oatmeal milk. An important reason is that cow's milk is full of unhealthy substances such as antibiotics. In addition, cows nowadays only eat one type of grass instead of different grasses and herbs. All Dutch cows are sick; they are diarrhea. Due to the one-sided grass eating, the nutritional value of cow's milk has been reduced to close to zero. Moreover, cow's milk is strongly skimmed while the cream contains the most healthy substances. An important reason for vegans is that cows are exploited in the production of cow's milk. Preparing your own oatmeal milk contributes to a decrease in animal suffering in the world.

Make your own oatmeal milk

  1. You can only buy oatmeal milk in 2015 in the health food store. But it is more fun, tastier and healthier to make it yourself. That's why here is a recipe for oatmeal milk. It is called 'raw' because it can be made unheated, but the oatmeal itself has already undergone many processing so that it is no longer really raw.

Make it sweet

  1. Some people like to sweeten the oatmeal milk or sometimes make a flavor variation. It is now widely accepted among healthy living people that you should definitely not use the poison sugar. You can make oatmeal milk sweet with natural spices such as cinnamon, vanilla and stevia. You can also add this to the mixture and let it soak.

Oatmeal lowers cholesterol but ...

  1. Swedish study from 1999 among 66 men shows that oatmeal milk reduces cholesterol in five weeks. There are several studies on the internet showing that oatmeal milk lowers blood cholesterol. But what exactly is cholesterol? Here is Professor Ravnskov's explanation of cholesterol, an independent researcher who has successfully debunked the modern cholesterol myth backed by numerous scientific studies.

Against obesity

  1. American research from 2013 shows that when people eat oatmeal, they are more likely to be full and feel full than with ready-made breakfasts such as cornflakes and the like. When you consider that pre-prepared cereal breakfasts often contain high fructose corn syrup and sugar, it is natural to understand that this accelerated satiety effect of oatmeal contributes to weight control. In other words, oatmeal milk is part of a diet aimed at controlling body weight.

Oatmeal milk usage tips

  1. Now you've made oatmeal milk, but what can you actually do with it in the kitchen? Here are a few applications.

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