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The healing power of papaya seed

  1. The papaya fruit and papaya leaves and papaya flowers are very healthy. The fruit is eaten worldwide. The leaves are mainly eaten in Southeast Asia and work well against malaria, among other things. The flowers are very bitter and also act as an anti-malaria prophylaxis, a preventive against malaria. Most of them throw away the seed, but this is edible, very healthy and even has healing power! Papaya seeds are good for the intestines that have to do with digestion. In Hawaii, dried papaya seed is sold as a medicine. It contains enzymes that aid digestion.

The taste of papaya seed

  1. In India, papaya seeds are chewed to give the mouth a fresh taste. Papaya seeds are used by some as a substitute for capers. Papaya seeds taste a bit tart, mustardy or peppery. It is also reminiscent of the tartness of radish or horseradish. Papaya seeds do well in a dressing. You can dry papaya seeds to put them in a dressing or vinegar

Papaya seed is antibacterial

  1. The seeds of papaya

Nutritional value of papaya seeds

  1. Even if you do not suffer from internal bacteria, papaya seed can offer a solution. Papaya seeds are relieving when you have eaten a lot or are temporarily suffering from indigestion. The enzymes in papaya seed help digest food better. In addition to enzymes, papaya seed contains fat, proteins, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus

Papaya seed against parasites

  1. Parasites can occur in the intestines. Research in Nigeria showed that children with parasites lost them if they dried papaya seed with honey for 7 consecutive days

Papaya seed against liver problems

  1. Papaya seeds are used in traditional Chinese medicine to detoxify the liver. When someone suffers from cirrhosis it is good to eat papaya seeds. Phytotherapists

Eat fresh papaya seed

  1. You can eat fresh papaya seed in no time. You have to get used to the slightly sharp taste. You can start with 5 seeds. If you are used to eating, eat a teaspoon of seeds a day. A teaspoon of papaya seeds a day has an excellent medicinal effect; taking more is not necessary. You can also mix fresh papaya seed in a smoothie with papaya fruit juice or other fruits such as pineapple and banana.

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