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The healing power of parsnip flour

  1. Parsnips have only just returned to Dutch cuisine in 2015. New products based on parsnips are already being recommended. It is increasingly common to eat vegetable powders instead of vegetables. Parsnip powder is a vegetable powder that you can use for both culinary and medicinal properties. Parsnip flour tastes sweet. It is an ideal flour to use in confectionery. In the past, it used to bake wedding cakes in Europe and the US. The parsnip juice in particular tastes very sweet and can be added to cake or cake flour.


  1. From forgotten vegetables to parsnip flour Rising star in the sky Naming parsnip powder Make your own parsnip flour Parsnip powder as a sweetener Parsnips against type 2 diabetes mellitus?

From forgotten vegetables to parsnip flour

  1. Parsnips were forgotten vegetables for years. In 2015, parsnips can be found in the Dutch kitchen again. Parsnips used to be eaten in the Netherlands instead of potatoes. Parsnips are traditionally used in soup in the Netherlands. In addition, parsnip is often added to confectionery such as biscuits; cooked parsnip tastes nice and sweet. In the 17th century, the Dutch and other Europeans brought with them to the U.S. Wedding cakes, among other things, were baked with parsnip flour in the then sugarless America.

Rising star in the firmament

  1. Parsnip powder or parsnip flour is a newcomer in the range of culinary attributes. It's so new that it's not in stores at the time of writing this article. But you can make it yourself. The preparation method is very simple. If you have a slow juicer, you can get creative with this by further drying the dry pulp and storing it as flour. Parsnip juice taste very sweet. It is a thick juice that you can use to sweeten oatmeal or to pour into pastry dough.

Naming parsnip powder

  1. Why we use Latin names in science is clear to most people. This way there are no misunderstandings about which plant it is. Parsnip is called Pastinaca sativa in Latin. It is a cream-colored root vegetable that tastes sweet when cooked and is similar in structure to carrot. Parsnips are related to carrots and parsley. The parsnip can be found in the vegetable departments of supermarkets. That is a relatively new phenomenon; before the second turn of the millennium of our era, this underground vegetable was only available in some organic stores, formerly called health food stores.

Make your own parsnip flour

  1. Parsnip flour can be made in an alternative form yourself. The supplies for this are:

Parsnip powder as a sweetener

  1. Parsnip powder is an excellent flour. You can combine it with other flours such as wheat flour or spelled flour. It gives the bakery a sweet taste but not more calories. Therefore it is suitable as a baking ware for sweets such as cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies and pies. With parsnip powder you need less or no sugar. You could make it sugar-free by adding soaked dates and stevia to the flour or possibly the filling. If you use parsnip powder as a flour, there is less chance of obesity as you use no or much less sugar. Plus, the fiber in parsnips helps digest food better. Sweet doesn't necessarily have to be unhealthy!

Parsnips against diabetes mellitus type 2?

  1. Parsnips contain inulin. That is a sweet tasting substance. Inulin is seen by many nutritionists as a remedy for diabetes or type 2 diabetes mellitus. However, other nutritionists say parsnips contain too much sugar for diabetics. However, the sugar in parsnips is accompanied by the presence of fiber. As a result, parsnips are not fattening and do not raise blood sugar the way sugar does. Parsnip is thus an excellent sugar substitute and a medicinal vegetable for diabetics. There are also many more vegetables that benefit someone with type 2 diabetes, such as the unsurpassed medicinal vegetable asparagus. It is good to vary with these anti-diabetic vegetables. If you suffer from diabetes, you can basically use a different vegetable every day that is good against this disease.

  2. Parsnips contain inulin. That is a sweet tasting substance. Inulin turns dead

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