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The healing power of peaches

  1. Peaches are a delicious juicy fruit. The peach is the juicy sister of nectarines. Peeling the peach will get your hands wet, so much juice is in it. When a peach is well ripe, you can pull the skins off. It is recommended to do this over a plate so that you can collect the tasty juice and use it in your muesli, as a basis for a salad dressing, or just to drink it as it is. Don't forget to lick your fingers.

Chinese fruit conquers the world

  1. The peach is originally from China. Alexander the Great introduced the peach tree to Europe from China. It first grew on European soil in ancient Greece

Peach is detox fruit

  1. It is nice to eat peaches and nectarines together. Peaches are provided with many phytonutrients. In India and China the peach was used as a remedy for kidney diseases. The high potassium content and the many fibers

Anti-Cancer Fruit

  1. When there are too many toxins in the body it can happen that the kidneys function poorly, causing toxins elsewhere in the body to cause serious diseases such as cancer. Eating peach helps to prevent disease. This is not only an interesting theory but has been repeatedly demonstrated in scientific research. A study from China found that eating a peach twice a week reduces the risk of cancer, especially the risk of oral cancer. A peach fits perfectly in a diet that supports chemotherapy

Peach, salad fruit

  1. Peaches are an ideal fruit to use in a fruit salad together with strawberry, apple, banana, grapes and orange. It's good snack fruit. You can put a few peaches on a plate and then pick them up with a fork. If your visitors are surprised by this, the plate will quickly empty again. Peaches are a delicious dessert in combination with ice cream, preferably homemade ice cream. You can also put the peach in a homemade muesli or oatmeal porridge. You then have a little less sugar

Peach skin

  1. People, especially women, all want peach skin. The peach is so soft when you touch it that it reminds you of caressing someone. Some people also eat the skin of the peach, but it is quite hairy. It is not recommended to eat non-organic fruit peel as there will always be pesticide residues after washing. In addition, there are more reasons to eat organically, for example that the agricultural workers do not have to work with poison. Peaches are one of the 10 fruits and vegetables with the most pesticides. During peeling, the pesticides get to your hands and penetrate your skin. The skin is so thin that it lets pesticides through so that there are pesticides in the pulp. Therefore, only buy organic peaches. You don't want pesticides getting in your body or on your peach skin.

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