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The healing power of Roman chamomile

  1. Both the leaves and flowers of Roman chamomile are edible. They taste slightly bitter. Roman chamomile has flowers that are reminiscent of the daisy. It is a beautiful looking plant; it could serve as an elegant border plant. Roman chamomile also has healing power. You can dry the flowers and make soothing tea. It is also suitable for making compresses and steam baths. It is even a bath herb. Isn't it great to say that you grow your own bath herbs? Then switch to growing Roman chamomile in your ornamental, vegetable or medicinal herb garden.

Naming Roman chamomile

  1. The Latin name for Roman chamomile is Chamaemelum nobile. The alternative Latin name for this plant is Anthemis nobilis. The name chamomile comes from the Greek word for 'ground apple'. This name refers to the leaves that smell slightly like apple. Nobile means noble. Alternative names for Roman chamomile in Dutch

Roman chamomile is a perennial

  1. Roman chamomile is an evergreen, hardy and perennial plant. It has about the same medicinal properties as its close relative, True Chamomile. Roman chamomile is native to the area from North Africa to Northern Europe off Ireland. Roman chamomile is most commonly used as a medicinal herb in France, Belgium and Great Britain. In Germany and the Netherlands more often real chamomile

Chamomile as a medicinal herb

  1. In ancient Egypt, chamomile was already used as a medicinal herb. It was mainly prescribed for fever and women's ailments. It is an antiseptic, disinfectant, has bactericidal properties, is a natural antibiotic and prevents internal worms. Roman chamomile is a versatile herb without many side effects. However: never just use any medication during pregnancy

Healing power of Roman chamomile

  1. Cream chamomile makes a delicious tasting tea. This has a relaxing, antispasmodic and digestive effect. Chamomile can be used externally. You could make a chamomile tea compress for eczema

Large number of diseases involving Roman chamomile

  1. The number of conditions involving Roman chamomile is impressive. You would almost think it is a panacea. It is used for: immune deficiency, acne, asthma, bloating, nausea, lung mucus, intestinal parasites, diverticulitis, diarrhea, fever, boils, athlete's foot, jaundice, arthritis, joint pain, dermatitis, herpes, colic, headache, liver disease, stomach cramps, menstrual disorders, migraine, morning sickness, muscle pain, nerve pain, nervousness, neuralgia, earache, menstrual pain, pimples, fungal infection, PMS, psoriasis, insomnia, psoriasis, seasickness, stress, nausea, indigestion, sprain, constipation, menopausal complaints, wounds, worms, toothache,

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