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The healing power of sesame oil

  1. The Latin name for sesame is Sesamum Indicum. The sesame plant is one of the oldest cultivated plants of modern mankind. It is probably the oldest plant cultivated for its oil. Originally, the sesame plant only grew in India, China and Korea. The sesame plant is one year old and grows to about 1 meter 20 in height.

Basic omega 6

  1. Sesame seeds

Positive effect on the psyche

  1. Basic omega 6 has a positive effect on the psyche. This is mainly because it also contains vitamin B6 in addition to omgea 6. When you tend to be unbalanced or depressed

Good for heart, diabetes and digestion

  1. Basic omega 6 is an indispensable nutrient for the body and it supports the heart and blood vessel system. Oleic acid ensures a healthy function of the bile secretion. As a result, it supports the liver in its function. Alfred Vogel, the famous natural health practitioner from Switzerland, advised people with liver problems to use sesame seeds or sesame oil. In natural medicine, sesame oil is used for high blood pressure, diabetes

Good for the skin

  1. Taking sesame oil not only makes the internal body healthier; it is good for the skin as well. Of course, you must always continue with food for at least a few weeks to achieve the effect. Because the liver works better, the skin also becomes more beautiful. Everything in the body is connected to each other. A malfunctioning liver can lead to skin problems such as eczema

Sesame oil against cancer

  1. Sesame oil can be used in combination with linseed oil to prevent cancer, according to Brian Peskin on the basis of various scientific research. His reasoning is mainly based on the fact that professor and Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg invented that a healthy body cell can turn into a cancer cell due to a 35% oxygen deficiency in the cell metabolism. Essential oils from sesame and linseed oil are oxygen scavengers and settle in the cell membrane to provide the cell with enough oxygen so that it cannot turn into a cancer cell. In 2010, the University of Texas confirmed the anti-cancer properties of sesame seeds. Another study from 2010 also saw an anti-cancer effect in sesame seeds, only this study explained the anti-cancer effect with the polyphenol

Ingredients sesame oil

  1. Sesame seeds contain a lot of potassium. It also contains magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, zinc

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