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The healing power of spelled

  1. The use of spelled is at least 7000 years old. Spelled is originally from the area that extends from South-East Europe to Iran. Spelled is a very healthy grain. Some people with a grain allergy have no problems with spelled. In recent years, spelled bread has become increasingly available from bakers, especially organic bakers. Spelled flour is available in organic stores. You can use this flour instead of flour.

Vitamins spelled

  1. Spelled contains a lot of niacin (vitamin B3). One ounce of spelled contains 13% of the

Spelled minerals

  1. Usually there are higher percentages for vitamins than for minerals in a nutrient. This is the other way around with spelled. In the field of minerals, spelled has much higher percentages. Spelled contains no less than 54% of the RDI for the super healthy mineral manganese. An ounce of spelled contains 15% of the RDI of phosphorus. Other minerals with high nutritional values ​​are: magnesium (13%), copper (10%), iron (9%), zinc (8%), selenium (6%) and potassium

Spelled against cardiovascular disease

  1. The prevention of cardiovascular disease is partly to do with nutrition. A study by Harvard University shows that spelled is good for diseases related to the heart. When someone consumes whole grains instead of white bread, the chance of dying from heart disease is reduced by 29%, the researchers conclude. More than 21,000 people participated in this study. Spelled reduces the risk of atherosclerosis; that is the caking of the blood vessel walls with oxidized cholesterol. Because cholesterol deposits are prevented, the risk of a heart attack or stroke is reduced. Consumption of whole grain products has been identified by several scientific researchers as the cause of heart disease being less common. Eating fiber is one of the reasons that spelled bread is healthy. There are also many lignans in cereals. These lignans provide antibacterial and antiviral properties. That makes spelled extra healthy and preferable to other brown bread

Plays well against gallstones

  1. The scientific medical journal American Journal of Gastroenterology has published a study concluding that high-fiber diets prevent gallstones from developing. The reason for this is that less bile acid is produced. Another reason is that food moves faster through the intestines. Of course, fiber is not only found in cereal products, but also in legumes and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and pumpkins and fruits such as pears, apples and cherries

Asthma in children

  1. Eating whole grains works very well for children with asthma. When children eat whole grains every day, the risk of developing asthma decreases by 50%, according to an international study published in Thorax. An investigation done in the Netherlands

Diabetes and spelled

  1. Spelled contains a lot of magnesium and fiber. Fiber is known to most people to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes

Eating tips spelled

  1. Spelled flour can be used instead of regular flour. Try making whole grain pancakes with spelled flour. Whole spelled grains can also be used instead of rice. They are cooked in the same way as brown rice. Organic bakers Like Iambe bakers, spelled bread or spelled biscuits are for sale.

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