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The healing power of spinach

  1. Spinach is a super healthy vegetable. Everyone knows that about Popeye, he got strong from canned spinach. However, fresh spinach is even better. Popeye has learned two generations to eat canned food, but scientists keep finding that fresh products contain more nutritional value. Canned spinach also lacks the crispness and deep green color of fresh spinach. Nowadays hardly anyone eats canned spinach anymore, but we still eat frozen spinach, which surprisingly has a comparable nutritional value as with fresh products.

Packed with vitamins

  1. Spinach is bursting with healthy vitamins and minerals. 180 grams of cooked spinach contains a whopping 1110% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA)

The remarkably high percentages

  1. Vitamin B2 contains 25% of the RDI, Vitamin C 29% and B6 22%. Vitamin E contains 19% of the AD and Vitamin B3 11.3% and Vitamin B3 4.4%. These are all very high values ​​compared to other vegetables. But it doesn't stop there because it is also chock-full of minerals. Manganese (84% RDA), Magnesium (39% RDA), Iron (36% RDA), Calcium (24% RDA), Potassium (24% RDA), Copper (15% RDA), Phosphorus (10% RDA), Zinc (9% RDA) and selenium

Eat spinach as fresh as possible

  1. Furthermore, spinach contains a lot of tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid

Spinach against cancer

  1. Scientists have extensively researched the effect of spinach against cancer. They discovered that this leafy green vegetable helps prevent prostate cancer. A study from England found that spinach intake is inversely related to breast cancer incidence. In plain language, that means the more spinach you eat, the lower the risk of breast cancer. Another scientific study has investigated different vegetables for their effect against cancer and compared the effect with each other. Broccoli, mustard seeds, Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower and turnips were examined. These are of course all healthy vegetables but spinach stood out because it has a lot more vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients

The healing power of spinach

  1. Spinach helps against a wide variety of diseases. Arteriosclerosis can be prevented by eating spinach. There are many antioxidants

Eating tips for spinach

  1. The ideal cooking time for spinach is 1 minute. You are ready quickly if you cook this vegetable. Spinach can be eaten raw; it falls under the alternative lettuce leaves. Cooking it briefly or eating it raw preserves all nutrients best. When you eat spinach raw, add it to a salad. It is ideal for mixing with lettuce, iceberg lettuce, dandelion leaves, grated carrot and arugula. Spinach can be perfectly mixed raw in a vegetable smoothie. Furthermore, it is nice to have an organic sandwich with Dutch cheese

Popeye, the canned food advertiser

  1. What gets especially strong from spinach is the immune system. You can fight all kinds of diseases. There are no studies that indicate a muscle strengthening effect of spinach. But that you strengthen yourself is indeed a fact. Popeye as a canned food advertiser has had its day. Canned food is always a lot less healthy than fresh products. Fresh products make your immune system stronger than canned food. Spinach is a delicious vegetable when you eat it fresh and not from the freezer, cans or jars.

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