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The healing power of walnut oil

  1. Walnut oil is a strengthening oil for the heart, brain and circulation. The walnut tree originally comes from South and Central Asia, an area formerly referred to by the name 'Ori'. A walnut tree can reach a height of 20 meters and be 600 years old. The walnut tree can now be found in Southern Europe, but it also grows well in the Netherlands. A walnut tree in the Netherlands produces many hundreds of walnuts every year.

Walnut oil

  1. The Latin name for the walnut tree is Nucum Juglandis. Walnuts are filtered by cold pressing. If you use walnut oil for its medicinal properties, it should definitely not be refined or treated with chemicals. Walnut oil is one of the few oils that contains both basic omega 3

Walnut against cancer

  1. Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids are, as you may know, essential fatty acids. This means that the body cannot produce these fatty acids itself, unlike all other types of fatty acids. The other fatty acids, which you also need, can be produced by the body itself from the essential fatty acids. The good thing about essential fatty acids is that body cells prefer to absorb them over, for example, oleic acid. Essential fatty acids are important to body cells because they play a critical role in a cell's oxygen metabolism. They occupy a place in the membrane and allow oxygen to pass through the cell. Other oils do not. As a result, after years of eating too few essential fatty acids, a body cell can receive too little oxygen. Nobel Prize winner Otto Warburg discovered in the 1960s that an oxygen deficiency in cells leads to cancer! He had thus solved the cancer problem, but his colleagues did not understand him or did not want to understand him. One reason for this is that cancer researchers have been trying to find the cause of cancer in the genes for 80 years. Incidentally, they never succeeded, although they did invent words like 'breast cancer gene'. People with breast cancer rarely have this gene, and many people with breast cancer don't have this gene at all. Sometimes the news gets big that some celebrity might have taken her breasts off but we have to ask ourselves if A: this is true and B: this is not a promotional stunt from the drug industry paying people rudely for being an advertising pillar. Brian Peskin

Walnut as a natural medicine

  1. Walnut oil is often used in natural medicine for circulatory disorders and as a means to strengthen the heart and nerves. A bile blockage can also be treated with it. In addition, the walnut is good for various mental illnesses. More and more people are starting to understand that the large number of mental illnesses including ADHD, psychosis and depression are the result of a food shortage; one has too few essential fatty acids and vitamins from the B complex. In phytotherapy

Tips for walnut oil in the kitchen

  1. Walnut oil can be combined excellently with root vegetables in the kitchen. Walnut oil has a refined taste that is fine Walnut tree / Source: Georg Slickers, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Fatty acids in walnut oil:

  1. Palmitic acid: 6.7% Stearic Acid: 1.9% Oleic acid: 15.8% Linoleic acid: 57.8% Alpha linolenic acid: 13.5% Other fatty acids: 4.3%

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