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The long and slender carrot

  1. Root vegetables are known for their eye health benefits. The carrots are such a root vegetable. They are long, slender carrots with a typical sweet taste.

  1. This vegetable comes from the Netherlands or from Germany, France or Spain. The carrots are a commonly used vegetable in slimming diets, but this healthy rascal deserves much more than just being part of a diet.

Winter carrot

  1. Besides the carrots you probably also know the winter carrot, which is put in shoes for his horse around Sinterklaas ... What exactly is the difference? In contrast to the thin carrot, the winter carrot is a large, fleshy carrot. It has a bright orange color. We mainly eat winter carrots in autumn and winter, carrots especially in summer. Winter carrot can be kept for a few weeks if you keep it in a cool place (12-15 degrees Celsius). It can be kept shorter in the refrigerator, about a week.

Fiber and Vitamin

  1. Carrots contain a lot of fiber and nutrients and few calories. 100 grams of raw carrots contain 32 kilocalories. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene. Your body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A. In addition to improving your vision, the vitamin also has another benefit. Vitamin A is also good for your resistance.


  1. You can eat carrots raw. Wash them before scraping or peeling them and remove the top and bottom. It is then possible to cook them for five to ten minutes. Besides cooking, there are a lot of other ways to prepare carrots. Think of: the oven Stew soup steaming baking stew stir fry grilling

Buy and keep

  1. Carrot is available all year round. You buy them in a bunch, with the green still on. From the Netherlands it will be in the shops from April to June. To see if you have a fresh carrot, you can try if it bends. Does he bend? Then don't buy it. You can keep carrots in a cool place for two days and in the refrigerator for five days. When you remove the foliage, it can be kept a lot longer. This is then approximately two weeks. It is best to keep it in a perforated bag to prevent it from drying out. Freezing is also possible. You cut the carrots into slices or strips and blanch them. Cook them for about two minutes. Let the carrots cool and then put them in the freezer. They can be kept in the freezer for 12 months.

Recipes with carrots

  1. Freshly stewed carrots Crispy fish schnitzel with curry vegetables Veggie dippers

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