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The meaning of dreams about animals

  1. Everyone dreams every night during their sleep, but what many people don't know is that most of these dreams have a meaning that can be discovered if you only know what to look for when you relive your dream in the morning. Dreams are incredibly versatile and can serve as a messenger from your subconscious. Because the subconscious expresses itself in dreams, you can become much happier if you interpret dreams correctly. You really have to get started with the things you encounter and bother your subconscious. It can be difficult to figure this out, but you will eventually. Are you curious about your dream with that one animal and you cannot make anything of it yourself, then this information is for you.

Dreams about animals in general

  1. If you encounter animals while dreaming, you naturally want to know what these animals mean. Animals in a dream represent primitive desires and the attendant sexual nature of every human being. Of course it differs per animal what meaning exactly is hidden behind a dream, but dreams about animals can be traced back by means of the physical properties of an animal. To briefly discuss this here is an example. If you dream about a vicious dog that comes across as threatening then you feel threatened by someone or something. If you are fighting an animal during your dream, it means that you are struggling with something that you would rather repress. In the search for a meaning of a dream, it is easiest in animals to see it as a human instinct. For example, fear of certain beings indicates too little self-knowledge or fear of an event, you should especially not think too hard.

All aspects

  1. Try not to focus too much on just the animal, because the rest of the dream is also important. The feeling that a dream gives is of great importance in the translation of the dream. If a dream comes across as threatening, it means that you feel that you are not in control of all situations in your life. On the other hand, if you tame a wild animal, you feel good about yourself and can handle all situations. Because of this feeling you can oversee everything and you become successful as long as you remain honest and keep this feeling.

Farm animals

  1. If you dream every day about innocent farms instead of threatening wild animals, then you are ready to grow and explore the potential in you. You are then ready to discover and develop yourself.

Friendly animals

  1. You can also dream about killing a friendly animal such as a rabbit, sparrow, pheasant etc .. An example is that you accidentally kill a squirrel while driving a car that you controlled. If this is the case, then you are not doing quite well. You do something every day that you are actually morally against. The dream shows that you are actually ignoring a part of yourself every day so that you eventually lose / kill it because it has disappeared. So don't deny yourself by doing something you are against, be it consciously or unconsciously.

Talking animals

  1. A common category of animals that appear in dreams are talking animals. Talking animals can be seen as a carrier of the subconscious. Talking animals immediately transmit a message of something that you are not aware of, but which you may be unaware of. You can untangle the message of such a courier by paying close attention to what the animal says. The gist of the message is usually that you have to trust your own instincts and abilities.

Dead animals

  1. With dreams about dead animals you have the feeling, consciously or unconsciously, that you are suppressing a part of yourself, you cannot express yourself as you want and you feel oppressed because of that. You are missing something of yourself and it is important to find and bring this missed back to the surface in order to become fully happy.

Laboratory animals

  1. The last category are dreams about laboratory animals. These dreams are perhaps the easiest to interpret. Laboratory animals are being experimented with and this is exactly what these dreams require from you. You have to experiment with all kinds of character traits, develop yourself, look for boundaries and try new things. Overcome your fears, make different choices. When you dream about experiments on animals, you experience difficulties in executing ideas and goals. However, if you prevent the animals from being exposed to experiments, you can resist whatever the animal stands for.

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