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The newest pillows: eco, ergonomic or buckwheat

  1. A new pillow? It was simple once. You opted for synthetic, or for down and feathers. And then you were done. Today it is different. We have pillows with compartments, so-called ergonomic pillows that are a bit like putty, and even eco-pillows. The latter either contain special herbs, or they are made from nature-friendly and therefore human-friendly ingredients. How do you choose a pillow from all that opulence? Read more.

The eco-pillow

  1. Ecology is a buzzword. That means that pillows are also getting more and more ecologically responsible traits. That is more nature, animal and human friendly. Ecological is a slogan that appears inappropriately and inappropriately. So pay attention to whether the claim is fulfilled. Ecological pillows must be produced in an environmentally and animal-friendly manner and contain ecological ingredients. One of the newer finds is a filling of organic wool: for example, Yumeko makes a pillow filled with organic wool balls. This makes the pillow firmer than a down pillow, and it also keeps the filling in the same place. Yumeko also reports that your pillow becomes less warm, because you sink less in it. The sheep from which the wool is obtained have an animal-friendly life. Note: While many synthetic cushions can be machine washed, sometimes you cannot wash wool cushions at all, and sometimes you can only wash them in a special cover.

Tip: fill or refill your pillow yourself

  1. Too high, too low ... what to do if you can't find the pillow? Easy. Check if there is a zipper or button opening on the side! In such a case, you can simply remove or add some filling yourself. This allows you to adjust your pillow to your own wishes. You can buy refill bags with filling in bed specialist shops but also in the good old Hema. Make sure it is the correct filling, because of course you cannot just top up with anything ...

Buckwheat in your pillow

  1. There are more and more seeds in pillows. That is new, but based on age-old natural medicine. For example buckwheat or millet. That is much better than you think. Buckwheat adapts to the head, which brings comfort. Buckwheat is traditionally used in Asia to fill pillows. Also because buckwheat helps to regulate the temperature and absorbs moisture. Because yes, even your head releases moisture unnoticed during sleep! A pillow filled with millet is even associated with health-promoting properties ... a good night's sleep and a healthy recovery, even easier within reach? By the way, that costs a bit more than buckwheat, but then you also have something. Nature lovers can also hunt for the pillow filled with the sleep-promoting herb hops, and the soothing lavender. True? At the (online) natural specialty store.

Tip: do the pillow test

  1. Of course you can find your new pillow at the bargain corner of a department store or even supermarket, where all kinds of pillows are regularly on sale. But then you never know what you will get, although there may be some nice quality in between. A big disadvantage is always that you cannot test. You can try out your pillow at the better bed specialist. And that of course provides some extra security.

Ergonomic cushions

  1. It looks a bit unusual. Because shouldn't a pillow be soft and give way? Yet so-called ergonomic pillows such as those from Royal Health Foam are on the rise in popularity. Such a pillow is made of memory foam, and is preformed in compartments for optimal support. You have a part for the head, a recess and then a neck roll. This way your cervical vertebrae get the best support, and your musculature can relax optimally. A good ergonomic pillow is also recommended for whiplash: the circulation of the head and neck is not hindered. Extra luxury with the latest models from Royal Health Foam: soothing chamomile and edelweiss in the pillow!

Special pillows

  1. Besides pillows, there are the special pillows for total body comfort. People with varicose veins can place a special or special pillow under the foot of the mattress. Physiotherapists sometimes recommend that people who are pregnant or have RSI complaints a special pillow that you can lay against you in bed as a roll, or fold around you to sit better on the couch. It looks like a roller pillow, but it is easily a meter or longer! There are also anti-decubitus pillows that help prevent bedsores in people who are bedridden for a long time, for example.

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