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The origin of the divination cards

  1. For centuries people have been fascinated to glimpse the future and know their fate. All possible means were used for this. Thus, numerous forms of prediction have arisen over time. A crystal ball, runes, sticks, water and tea leaves are some of the tangible objects that were used as aids to reveal a tip of the deep secret. Only later did Cartomance appear.

Fortune Telling Cards

  1. Divination Cartomancy The origin of cartomance A game of the devil Different fortune telling cards The oracle of Mlle Lenormand


  1. Another word for divination is divination or the art of divination. Divining is one of the oldest human practices and has been used for at least three thousand years. It is a true art because it is creative and uses images, shapes, signs, symbols and patterns to reveal deep secrets. Still, divination does not always mean "predicting the future." It can also be used to gain an understanding of oneself, face reality, and demonstrate how the law of cause and effect will work out.


  1. Each divination method is different and over the centuries numerous forms of oracles have emerged that are consulted to gain insight into the past, present and future. An oracle that has many followers is undoubtedly cartomancie, which means predicting with cards. The origin of divination using cards is still a mystery and because no one knows exactly who invented this method, various theories have emerged. One assumes that the origin is in Egypt, while another theory says that they originate from China. However, there is a strong suspicion that Gypsies invented this divination method because this people was very good at this art.

The origins of Cartomancie

  1. Nowadays everyone knows a game with dice, but throwing stones is also a very old divination method. Before the standard cube became the norm, people used to use fruit kernels, shells, stones, etc. For the Greeks and Romans, dice were astragal and pastern bones of sheep. For the Africans these were marked bones. Later the stones were described with letters and numbers, this to be able to read the oracle of “the fallen stones”. In the Late Classical period, street pavements emerged and, according to ancient writings, the playing cards gradually emerged “from the game of dice”. These cards were mainly used for playing but later also for oracles. Over time, they were adapted step by step and provided with symbols so that each card expressed something unique. The tarot was born.

A game of the devil

  1. The divination using the map was mainly practiced by the traveling people and soon conquered the whole of Europe. The cards were divided into four suits and widely popular as a card game. Here, too, the people soon learned to divine using the cards. However, according to the church this was a game of the devil and they forbade the card game and also divination. Despite the strict ban, the card game was still used on a daily basis. The knowledge was passed on from generation to generation so that card reading still exists today.

Different fortune telling cards

  1. The card deck of the tarot consists of two parts, the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana contains twenty-two trump cards and has large-sized figures with name and number. These are the Gods and suggest the archetypal worlds. The Minor Arcana has fifty-six cards and includes four sets of fourteen cards each: the chalices, rods, swords, and pentacles that correspond to the four elements, water, fire, air, and earth.

The oracle of Mlle Lenormand

  1. One of the most famous map layers in history is perhaps Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand. In her time this lady predicted not only the fame and success of Napoleon but also his fall. Mlle Lenormand completely transformed the playing cards. She gave the game clear and clear symbols and also developed new laying methods. All her knowledge of foretelling was never written down but passed on orally.

  2. One of the most famous map layers in history is perhaps Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand. In her day this lady predicted not only the fame and success of Napoleon but also his va

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