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The people behind

  1. During my adolescence, and subsequent college years, my health suffered a lot. Not only the well-known acne, like every adolescent, but also stubborn rosacea and later a considerable overweight.

  1. After a lot of research and discussions with experts in natural medicine, I found effective solutions. Without traditional medication, but in a natural way!

  1. I shared all my knowledge from that time through a website. Indeed, the same website that still exists today and that you know under the name

  1. My personal goal: To share my knowledge with fellow sufferers, so that others can also benefit from my research.

  1. During my puberty I was sick for a year. It was unclear what exactly was going on. The 'normal' doctors couldn't help me any further, so I ended up with an 'alternative' therapist. In an unimaginably short time I was back to normal.

  1. That intrigued me enormously, which led me to study complementary medicine. I wanted to become an alternative therapist. Helping people to find their old balance or, if that was not possible, to find a new balance.

  1. My GP urged me to study medicine so that I would have a recognized profession. I decided to follow his advice.

  1. With enthusiasm I threw myself into the study. The interplay between body, mind and the patient's background interested me very much.

  2. With enthusiasm I threw myself into the study. I was very interested in the interplay between body, mind and background of the patient.

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