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The processing of alcohol in the body

  1. Anyone who has drunk alcohol often cannot participate in traffic, because alcohol is not allowed in your blood. How long will it take before you are completely free of alcohol again?

Male or female

  1. Unfortunately for the women: men are generally much more tolerant of alcohol than women. You see that women are much more likely to get tipsy or drink the same amount of beer a man would drink. The reason that women are more likely to be under the influence of alcohol is because women have less fluid per kilogram of body weight. The alcohol is therefore less diluted than in men.

Weight and alcohol

  1. A heavier person can have more alcohol than a thin person. This is because an obese person has a lot more fluid per kilogram of body weight. The alcohol is thus much more diluted. This makes the person much less likely to notice the alcohol. The thinner you are, the faster you will also get tipsy from alcohol.

Intake into the blood

  1. As soon as you drink alcohol, it ends up in the stomach. Part of it is already absorbed into the blood via the stomach wall. The rest of the alcohol enters the blood through the wall of the small intestine. Ultimately, all that alcohol also ends up in the liver. Ultimately, the liver is allowed to do the dirty work: breaking down the alcohol.

Effects on the brain

  1. Within ten minutes of drinking alcohol, it reaches the brain. That's fast, isn't it? The moment the alcohol reaches the brain, you notice that it starts to work. The alcohol numbs the brain. You notice this because you react less well to the things around you. Uncle your hearing works less well and you see less clearly. When someone touches you with a burning cigarette, you feel little or nothing of this.

How long does it take before alcohol is out of your blood?

  1. This depends on whether you are male or female, how heavy, how well you can tolerate alcohol (habituation) and whether you have a full or empty stomach. but on average: 1 to 1.5 hours for each glass.

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