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The Sunshower: sunbathing in the shower

  1. Sunbathing in the shower. You can imagine few more delightful. The Sunshower is a Dutch invention that aims to combine health and well-being. The concept is now catching on worldwide. But: what about sunbathing and your health? Is that allowed just like that? Read on for research, tips for delicious and safe sunbathing and facts about the Sunshower.

What about your health?

  1. There has been a discussion for a while about whether you should go to the tanning bed. Sun rays are associated with skin conditions, even severe ones. But on the other hand, experts also point out that a lack of sunlight is also not good for skin and health. The creators of the Sunshower do not avoid the topic of health and sunbathing, but do advocate a more nuanced view. Sunlight causes the body to produce vitamin D. And a vitamin D deficiency is not inconceivable. A responsible dose of sunlight is perfectly suited to a healthy lifestyle. Sunshower conducted research in collaboration with dermatologists from LUMC. The research showed that the vitamin D content of Sunshower users had almost doubled. This means that dosed and regular use of the Sunshower helps to bring the vitamin D content in your body to a healthy level. Your skin can also gradually get used to sunlight, for example in the spring. That's healthier than an acute and long exposure all at once.

Sunshower, models and possibilities

  1. Originally the Sunshower was a luxury product, aimed only at luxury bathroom stores, hotels, chic holiday parks and fitness centers. But over time it became a more accessible concept. Makers Merijn and Oscar are developing a smaller and cheaper Sunshower model. The Sunshower is available in various variants. There are surface-mounted models that you can easily mount in the corner of any existing shower. But there are also built-in models if a shower is to be installed somewhere. There is also the Sunshower Combi, a shower sunbed with built-in UV and infrared lamps. Infrared light is - in moderation of course - a boon for the skin, known from spas and sauna complexes. Infrared light is part of a well-known treatment method for a wide range of conditions and problems, from joint and skin disorders to muscle complaints. Infrared light works deeply for a beneficial effect on the body. All models are of course KEMA approved. There are both full-body models and half-body models. The Sunshower is available from € 1,495 at specialized bathroom stores, but also via various websites. Nice to know is that part of the production takes place at a so-called sheltered workshop, Drechtwerk in Dordrecht. Here people with a disability can participate in the labor force.

Medical applications of Sunshower

  1. SunshowerMedical conducts scientific research into medical applications of ultraviolet light. SunshowerMedical has been developed to give patients with certain skin conditions, including sun allergy and psoriasis, the opportunity to undergo light therapy at home in the shower. This is done with the help of SunshowerMedical devices. These have been specially developed for the treatment of various skin conditions.

More and more vitamin D deficiency

  1. If you briefly go past the extremes in the discussion about sunlight, which range from 'sun is healthy and the tanner the better' to 'every ray of sunshine is one too much', you come to Another good advice: namely, see for yourself what is healthy and what is not, and stick to a healthy guideline without giving in to the vanity that leads some people to grow the infamous 'Zandvoort brown'. What is healthy? The first experts have now arisen - you could wait - to suggest that the fear of skin cancer has made people a little too cautious about the sun's rays. Exactly how much sun is healthy and leads to an optimal blood value in the body for vitamin D is still hotly debated by experts, but it does appear that vitamin D deficiencies are starting to increase among those who lack sunlight. put on. If you keep a naturally normal tanning skin continuously lily-white with all possible protective equipment, you may even get a vitamin D deficiency outside the winter.

Tasty and sensible sunbathing

  1. KWF Kankerbestrijd, Cancer Research UK and the National Osteoporosis Society give a standard advice to spend ten to fifteen minutes in sunlight several times a week. But the keyword is a personal program, guided by your common sense and a pair of wide-open eyes for what your skin lets you know: if you are a so-called 'English Rose', or have the almost translucent light skin color that is very sensitive to the sun, your tanning program should be much more gentle than when you normally and easily build up a light tan in the summer. The rule of thumb is to allow your skin to darken your skin by only a modest shade from the sun, to protect it optimally with sun products, and to pay close attention to how it reacts to the sun. Burning is not normal, but a red flag that you have treated your skin badly. And if your skin shows irritation, ditto: these are signals to prevent. With the Sunshower you should also keep in mind that you sunbathe without sunscreen, so that you can get a much smaller amount of sunlight than when you use a sunscreen product. In short: sunlight can be nice and healthy, provided it is used in moderation and through a personal and precise sun program.

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