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The Ten Secrets of Tai Chi

  1. Tai chi is originally a martial art from China and has developed from Shaolin chuan (kung fu). Later tai chi developed into a movement and health science that is now appreciated by millions of people worldwide. The smooth, circular movements train all muscles, so that the mind comes to rest. Like any sport, tai chi has specific physical and mental levels. That is what the practitioner can mirror himself to determine how far he is making progress, regardless of what form of tai chi he practices.


  1. Tai chi for young and old Various tai chi styles Fundamentals of tai chi The ten secrets of tai chi 1. Lightness 2. Slowness 3. Circular movements 4. Constant speed 5. Agility 6. Relaxation 7. Change 8. Emptiness and solidity 9. Breathing 10. Emptiness and stillness Health and Vitality

Tai chi for young and old

  1. Tai chi is based on the harmony between yin and yang. For centuries it was a martial art, originating from Shaolin chuan (kung fu). Its principles are based on Taoism

Different tai chi styles

  1. Tai chi has many styles, including the Yang, Chen - the Wu style and tai chi sword

Basics of tai chi

  1. The fundamentals of tai chi chuan have everything to do with chi, which is the common thread of this movement and health doctrine. Chi is the life energy that can circulate freely through the body thanks to tai chi. Its therapeutic value, according to practitioners, is that yin and yang

The Ten Secrets of Tai Chi

  1. For the more advanced tai chi practitioner, there are ten aspects against which to gauge his progress. They are specific levels of progress. Those who practice diligently, always taking these ten facets into account, will eventually experience for themselves what tai chi entails and how much this theory of movement can mean for him. The principles are explained in a nutshell. Every aspect has deeper, inner layers, but it goes too far to go into that here. The basics

Health and vitality

  1. Tai chi is suitable for everyone, young and old. Those who do not want to lose themselves in the above reflections can simply consider tai chi as a complete exercise, a wonderful sport that keeps body and mind in shape. Those who practice tai chi for ten minutes every day become as agile as a cat, as healthy as a woodcutter and as wise as a philosopher. It has been quoted and supported by many who have practiced tai chi since childhood and consider this Chinese kinematics an enrichment of their lives.

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