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The Three Day Diet

  1. Various variations of the three-day diet are circulating on the Internet and in magazines. They promise you a weight loss of up to 4 kg and more in just three days. This is very similar to a crash diet. But is this realistic?

The origin of the three day diet

  1. The origins of this diet are said to date back to the 1980s and have since come in numerous versions, often rightly or incorrectly claimed to have been recommended by dieticians and doctors. However, this should be viewed with suspicion. This diet has always been very popular because it can help you slim down that little bit extra in a very short time to still fit into that one piece of clothing. In most versions of this three-day diet, it means eating plenty of tuna and vegetables during the day and ice cream at night. but there are many variations on this pattern. There is a version that calls for only drinking water during the first day. On the second day you can eat fruit and drink fruit juice and on the third day you can only eat fruit and drink vegetable juice. However, this version of the diet is not without risk because it is impossible to come close to a food intake of at least 1000 kcal per day, which is definitely unhealthy. Below you will find the description of the most popular version of the diet, which is also a lot healthier and more realistic.

Day 1

  1. With breakfast you drink black coffee or tea. Breakfast itself consists of half an orange, a slice of white bread with 1 tablespoon of jam. If you like to have sugar in your coffee, you can replace it with artificial sweetener based on aspartan. You can squeeze the oranges and drink them as a fruit juice. In the afternoon you can eat another slice of white bread. This time you top it with fresh tuna or canned tuna. Again you can drink a black coffee or tea. For dinner, you can eat 3 grams of lean meat (chicken or turkey) with 1 cup of beans and 1 cup of carrots. For dessert you can eat an apple and 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Nowadays there are low-fat ice creams with up to 30% less fat. It goes without saying that this is preferred. You may only drink water during or after a meal.

Day 2

  1. For breakfast you can eat a boiled egg with 1 slice of white bread and half a banana. Even now you can only drink black coffee or tea. During lunch you can eat 2 slices of white bread with tuna. If you don't like or have tuna at home, you can replace it with cheese. As a supper you can eat 3 grams of lean meat. This time you can eat a slice of bread and 1 cup of broccoli and 1 cup of carrots. For dessert you can eat the other side of the banana that was left over from breakfast and 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream. Only water may now be drunk.

Day 3

  1. For breakfast you can eat 1 slice of white bread with a slice of cheese and an apple. Today only black coffee or tea. In the afternoon you can only eat a boiled egg with a slice of bread and a cup of coffee or tea. On the last night you may eat a slice of bread with tuna (or cheese), with 1 cup of carrots and 1 cup of cauliflower. For dessert you can eat melon with 1 scoop of ice cream. There is no mention of the amount of melon. You can eat up to half a melon, although it is better not to overdo it.

Up to 4 kilos less with the three day diet

  1. There are many variations on this diet, but tuna and ice cream keep coming back. It is especially important to eat all of these meals pure, without butter or margarine, salt, sugar or spices. The vegetables may possibly be boiled in a little water. The bread is quite white bread. You can also ask your baker for bread without salt. This diet should enable us to lose several kilos in three days because the combination of the various foods on the one hand contribute to an improved fat burning and on the other hand a reduced intake of calories. After the three days you should return to your normal diet, without suddenly overeating.

Don't be fooled

  1. This diet has the advantage that you can quickly lose several kilos in a few days. This can come in handy if you planned a party, but just can't seem to get into your dress. However, this is not a balanced diet that you can repeat many times or can or may maintain for more than three days. In fact, probably the main reason for your sudden weight loss is a decrease in the amount of water in your body. There is also a risk that after the party you started this diet for, you will have gained as many pounds as you had lost in the days before. It also goes without saying that you should only start on that diet if you are healthy and mentally stable. Do not use this diet during or immediately after pregnancy or during breastfeeding. It is also best to allow a considerable period of time before repeating the three day diet again.

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