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The wonderful effect of emu oil

  1. The application of emu oil has existed for thousands of years. This oil, derived from the emu, has been used by the indigenous people of Australia for various purposes to protect their skin. Only in recent decades has the beneficial effect become clear to the Western world and its popularity is increasing. Besides the use of the oil as a beauty product, this oil is also used for various skin problems.


  1. Emu oil (or emu oil) comes from the emu, a wingless flightless bird from Australia that closely resembles a small ostrich. The oil is extracted from the stored fat from the fat lump on their back and subcutaneous fat after the meat is first used for consumption after slaughter. So the fat is a by-product.

The discovery and emergence of emu oil

  1. Emu oil has only been on the rise in America and Europe since the 1990s, although the Aborigines discovered the benefits of the oil thousands of years ago. Early pioneers in Australia saw the Aboriginal people hanging the skins of the emu in trees. They thought this would be a ritual until they discovered that the Aborigines extracted oil this way by drying the skins in the sun. It did not take long for the pioneers to use this oil themselves and discover its valuable properties. A famous explorer, Robert O'Hara Burke, smeared the emu oil on his sunburned arm, relieving not only the redness but also his stiff elbow.

Structure and composition

  1. Emu oil is almost odorless and has a silky soft, thick but runny texture that is easy to spread. It has a milky to yellow color depending on the emu's diet. The oil is PH neutral and is a triglyceride. It consists of 20% essential fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, also known as linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, and 70% unsaturated fatty acids. Due to this biochemical composition, emu oil largely corresponds to our own skin composition. It also contains vitamins A and E and many anti-oxidants, all of which have many benefits for our skin.

Skin Use

  1. Emu oil penetrates the skin very easily and does not close the pores so that they can breathe freely. It also has the property to retain moisture in the skin, which increases the thickness of the skin and helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The use of emu oil has no side effects and is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and will not cause irritation. This makes its use suitable for all ages and therefore also for babies. This product can also bring relief and / or cure for animals with skin problems. Due to the strong moisturizing and anti-bacterial properties of emu oil, it has an excellent effect on:


  1. Various web shops offer this oil and due to the increasing popularity the offer is also increasing. Some caution is required when purchasing. Emu oil is sometimes mixed with chicken fat, so that the composition changes and the effect no longer works properly. A quality mark has been drawn up for this by 'The American Emu Association', to guarantee the quality of the oil by means of the AEA certificate that indicates the purity of the emu oil.

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