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To crash or not to crash?

  1. The Cambridge Diet, The Soup Diet, The Fruit Diet; illustrious names for popular crash diets. You know, the 'lose three kilos in one week' type. Great for losing some pounds quickly, but not so smart for the long haul.

  1. A party, vacation plans; there are countless reasons why you want to lose a few pounds quickly. A crash diet is then very tempting. You will lose a lot of weight within a very short time. That's because you eat very few calories, usually only about 500 a day. Think pineapple in the morning, papaya in the afternoon, and smoked chicken in the evening. So it's not surprising that you lose weight.


  1. And that is also the advantage of a crash diet: it goes very quickly. And those few pounds can be just enough to fit into that one slim fit jeans again. Following a crash diet for a few days probably won't hurt, according to the Nutrition Center. You shouldn't do it any longer. It is very important to stick to the menu exactly. If you smuggle, it won't work.

Low energy

  1. There are also disadvantages. In the beginning you mainly lose moisture. Pretty soon the body will start to break down muscle tissue and your organs will have a hard time. This is not without risk. Moreover, a crash diet does not provide all the nutrients the body needs. Because you eat little and consume few calories, you will have less energy. Supplementing with a multivitamin is a must anyway. And a crash diet is usually no boost for your mood.


  1. But the main drawback of a crash diet is the chance of yo-yo. As soon as you start eating normally again, the pounds will probably start flying again. After all, nothing has changed in the way you eat. Moreover, there is a chance that your metabolism will adjust to low calories. In other words: your body will go into low-power mode. If you eat normally again, your body will save the extra calories for rough times. And on your hips.

Long term

  1. Let's face it, deep down we know that crashing doesn't work. But it can be so tempting. Before you lose weight, think about what you want to achieve with your attempt. If you just want a few pounds off quickly, it could be an option. But if you want to lose weight in the longer term and, more importantly, maintain your weight, you really need to change your diet and exercise more.


  1. It sounds boring but unfortunately, we can't make it more fun! Easier. Find a diet that suits you and don't be too hard on yourself. Then it takes the least effort and you will eventually become slim, fit and healthy!

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