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Tongue Pain: Causes and Symptoms of Sore Tongue

  1. Tongue or sore tongue pain is usually caused by something clearly visible, such as a painful sore or blister. For example, the oral mucosa can become infected with canker sores in any place; top, bottom, or side of the tongue. But you can also bite your tongue, which causes a painful wound. However, there are a few less obvious causes that can cause tongue pain or tongue pain, in both children and adults. Tongue pain may be accompanied by other complaints, such as tongue color changes, numbness, tingling, burning sensation in the tongue, pain while swallowing and unexplained bleeding. In case of persistent complaints to the tongue, including pain, it is advisable to consult a doctor. He will make a diagnosis based on an interview and physical examination. Sometimes a follow-up investigation is necessary to determine what is going on. Proper diagnosis is the basis for tongue pain treatment.

Symptoms of tongue pain

  1. Possible additional symptoms you may experience with tongue pain

Burning tongue through map tongue

  1. Innocent affliction Geographic tongue (lingua geographica) is a common benign condition of the tongue in which irregular, smooth, red patches appear on the surface of the tongue, surrounded by white or white-gray lines, giving it a look like a geographic map. These spots are constantly changing in appearance. Roughly 1 in 10 people with geographic tongue may experience mild discomfort or a burning or painful sensation. It is a harmless, non-contagious disease, the cause of which is unknown. There is an association between psoriasis

White spots on the tongue from thrush

  1. Especially in babies Thrush

Painful sores and blisters on the tongue from mouth ulcers

  1. Ulcers Canker sores

Bite the tongue

  1. Trauma Sometimes you accidentally bite your tongue, for example when chewing food or chewing gum, which causes a sharp pain. In physical contact sports or a car accident, people sometimes also bite the tongue. You may also be during an epilepsy attack

Tongue pain due to tongue inflammation

  1. The symptoms of a tongue infection

Diagnosis sore tongue

  1. Interview and physical examination

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