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Too few platelets: symptoms, causes and treatment

  1. Too few platelets, that's a serious problem. What are the symptoms, how can you get them and what is the treatment? You can read it all below. If you suspect that you may suffer from this problem, please contact your own doctor as soon as possible. Online medical advice is not applicable to everyone.

Too few platelets

  1. Platelets Thrombocytopenia: too few platelets The symptoms The causes The treatment Increase platelets with papaya leaf


  1. Platelets (whose scientific name is thrombocytes) are produced in the bone marrow just like the other blood cells in the human body. Thrombopoietin, a hormone that everyone has, stimulates the healthy development and proliferation of these giant cells, also known as megakaryoblasts. Those giant cells undergo what is called in scientific terms endomitosis. This means that the nucleus of the cell divides, but this is despite the fact that the cell does not increase in size. The megakaryoblasts turn into megakaryocytes. Platelets are then produced from the megakaryocyte. Thousands of platelets can be made from one such megakaryocyte and are therefore very important. You can no longer call platelets complete cells, but only fragments of them. A platelet lasts in the circulation for about 8 to 10 days and then breaks down again. This breakdown takes place in the liver, spleen and lungs.

Thrombocytopenia: too few platelets

  1. Sometimes a patient's blood test reveals that there are too few platelets. This can have many different causes. Normally, a person has between 150 and 450 billion platelets per liter in his body. However, if you have more than 50 billion, this will rarely cause very serious problems. Less is a problem. There are three main reasons:

The symptoms

  1. How do you notice that you have a shortage of platelets? There are a number of symptoms that are all related to bleeding:

The causes

  1. If too few platelets are produced, there are a number of causes for this:

The treatment

  1. In children, where the cause is usually ITP, a shortage of platelets is almost never treated and it disappears by itself. Adults are usually treated directly with medication, often with prednisone and sometimes with gamma globulin. In cases where this does not work, the spleen is often removed and the cause removed.

Increase platelets with papaya leaf

  1. A natural remedy to increase platelet production is found in papaya leaf. The papaya originally from Mexico comes from the family Caricaceae. Various studies have now shown that taking a papaya leaf extract helps increase platelet production. This is probably due to the enzyme papain found in papayas. This extract is available in capsule form from brands such as Herborist and Hanoju. In supplements it is often combined with the also natural bromelain.

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