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Top 5 tips for a tight, flat stomach

  1. The Dutch are getting firmer, much firmer. Men care less about their figure and weight than women. Men are actually allowed to have a beer belly, but women are often rejected on a roll more. Of course, everyone wants a taut stomach, strong abs and the ability to view the navel without having to reach for a mirror. Here are 5 tips for achieving that flat stomach.

Tip 1. Reduce fat.

  1. Many people complain that they do 100 or 200 sit-ups in a day and still don't get a toned stomach. You can do 1,000 ab exercises a day, but if you keep your normal diet, you also keep your fat rolls. The abs can become firmer, but if your fat layer (you) hide your abs, nobody will notice this.

Tip 2. Home exercises.

  1. An overheard excuse is that people don't have time to go to the gym, they don't have the money or there is simply no gym nearby. Nonsense! You don't need an expensive gym with 101 machines! All you really need for a flatter stomach is your own body and a piece of floor to lie on. Sit-ups and crunches are often performed incorrectly, so that they have no effect and, even more annoying, cause physical complaints. The correct exercise is done as follows:

Tip 3. Crunch for the lower abdomen.

  1. In this exercise you mainly train your lower abdomen. This will reduce your bottom roll of fat below your navel. You perform this exercise as follows:

Tip 4. The side muscles.

  1. Not only are muscles located in the middle of the abdomen, and this is probably not the only place where there is fat. Don't you also have a roll on the waistband above your hips? This looks very annoying when you wear a tight shirt. You can still hold the belly in the front when you wear something later, but the love handles (the rolls on the sides) remain clearly visible. No face!

Tip 5. Don't overdo it.

  1. Your body needs time to get used to something. This also applies to new movements. Don't start with 100 sit-ups or as long as you can keep it up. There is no need to overdo it in abdominal exercises. Especially in the beginning, stick to sets of ten to fifteen. Cruches, sit-ups and both to each side, all ten to fifteen times and then it's done for the day. Give your body time to recover tomorrow and do it again the day after tomorrow. Just as long until you no longer get muscle pain. Then you can increase the number of exercises. In any case, give your body a day of rest for the abdominal muscles after every exercise day. Of course you can always walk or cycle for half an hour instead of abdominal exercises.

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