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Treatment of Lyme disease in Germany

  1. Lyme disease is a debilitating infectious disease. If not treated quickly enough with antibiotics, this can result in a chronic disease. In the Netherlands in 2020, there is often no treatment available for this and patients are then told that they have been treated. Many Dutch Lyme patients therefore seek refuge in clinics in Germany, where there is much more expertise and many more types of medicines are used. A major stumbling block is that health insurance often does not reimburse treatment in Germany.

Lyme disease: treatment in Germany

  1. About Lyme disease Treatment in the Netherlands Treatment in Germany Clinics specialized in Lyme disease in Germany Reimbursement of treatment in Germany by insurance

About Lyme disease

  1. Lyme disease - also called Lyme disease or Lyme borreliosis - is an infectious disease that you can contract as a result of a tick bite. These ticks can be bacteria of the genus Borrelia

Treatment in the Netherlands

  1. As indicated, an early diagnosis of a Borrelia infection is essential because treatment with antibiotics can still be effective. Once the disease has spread through the body, it is difficult to treat. Once the disease has reached the chronic phase, there are many differences of opinion about the usefulness of further treatment. In comparison with neighboring countries, it is stated relatively quickly in the Netherlands that someone has finished treatment

Treatment in Germany

  1. Patients with Lyme disease who have been told in the Netherlands that they have finished treatment often turn to Germany for treatment

Reimbursement for treatment in Germany by insurance

  1. The biggest annoyance of Dutch patients with Lyme disease who go abroad for treatment is the insurance

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