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Unknown fruit: Ugli

  1. The English �ugly� which means � ugly� is the name of a fruit that cannot be described as � beautiful� in appearance. However, its appearance does not detract from the taste of this relatively unknown but healthy citrus fruit. Where does the ugli come from, how can it be used and what is the taste of the ugli?

Ugli, the origin

  1. Although sometimes thought differently, the Ugli does not originate from a cultivated breeding process. The fruit was discovered in Jamaica around the period of the Second World War and belongs to the tangelo group. This is a kind of collective name for citrus fruits, which arise from different combinations of citrus fruits. Incidentally, this is nothing new, because far before the current era (more than 1000 years) we already encounter tangelos in Asia, especially Southeast Asia has several.

What kind of fruit is it?

  1. The fruit is slightly larger than the grapefruit and looks a lot like a somewhat ugly and misshapen grapefruit. The skin is irregular in structure and yellowish green or yellowish brown in color and sometimes the fruit has a faint orange color (then the fruit is usually slightly riper). The fruit is loosely in the skin which makes the ugli easy to peel.


  1. The ugli is absolutely healthy and provides more than seventy percent of your daily amount of vitamin C. Furthermore, this citrus fruit contains calcium and phosphorus. The fruit also contains dietary fiber and has only about 40 to 50 calories. The fruit is good against kidney stones.


  1. The ugli can be stored both in and outside the refrigerator. In the fruit and vegetable drawer you have to keep the fruit around ten degrees. The ugli can be kept for a week outside the refrigerator, just a little longer in the refrigerator.


  1. Of course the ugli can be eaten as you would, for example, peel the orange and eat it in wedges (don't forget to remove the skin!). But the fruit can also be spooned empty like the grapefruit. In that case you have to cut the ugli in half and remove the somewhat bitter film. Then spoon out the pulp with a plastic fruit spoon.


  1. The relatively unknown fruit ugli is one that does add something to what is already available in citrus fruits. The taste is a clear combination of the grapefruit, orange and tangerine. The juicy fruit is part of a healthy diet, is great to eat on its own and delicious in a cocktail or salad.

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