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Using alcohol

  1. Research has shown that more than 81% of people in the Netherlands drink alcoholic drinks. Young people often start drinking very early. 93% of young people under the age of 16 have already drunk. Alcohol can be compared to drugs, it has a narcotic effect. The chemical formula of alcohol is C2H5OH.

Alcohol consumption

  1. What is alcohol? Benefits of alcohol Disadvantages of alcohol Effect in the body Symptoms of drinking too much alcohol No alcohol under 18 Why do people drink? Long-term health effects Effects of alcohol

Benefits of alcohol

  1. It gives you a nice feeling You dare more when you drink it

Disadvantages of alcohol

  1. It makes you fat It increases the risk of colon cancer Your condition is deteriorating Your reaction speed slows down You lose your concentration

Symptoms of drinking too much alcohol

  1. Overweight Affected liver Brain damage Loss of your short-term memory Stomach disorders Insomnia Cancer Mental disorders You will be late faster, you will not keep your agreements Friends think they are no longer important to you because you only live for the drink You can argue faster You can get aggressive

Why do people drink?

  1. They like alcohol They get a nice For fun Trying out In difficult times to get rid of stress

Effects of alcohol

  1. 0 - 0.5 per mil (1 glass for women, up to 2 glasses for men) Pulse and breathing faster Blood vessels dilate Taste and smell deteriorate Pain feeling decreases Appetite increases Mood and behavior change Reaction in traffic decreases

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