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Vial test: Detecting genetic problems in pregnancy

  1. A villus test is an invasive prenatal test that takes place in some pregnant women. Thanks to this examination, the doctor is able to detect genetic problems in a baby. During the examination, the doctor removes a small amount of chorionic villi (flakes from the placenta) through the cervix or otherwise via the abdomen using ultrasound. These flakes have the same genetic make-up as the fetus, so after the examination, the doctor will get an idea of ​​the baby's health. This examination usually takes place between the tenth and twelfth week of pregnancy. The exam provides accurate and valuable information about the baby's health, but the test also carries risks.

Indication test: Detecting genetic problems

  1. Options The doctor will perform the villus test to identify chromosome abnormalities and enzyme defects in the unborn baby

Chorionic biopsy: When during pregnancy?

  1. A chorionic biopsy is possible from the tenth to twelfth week of pregnancy, which is earlier than with an amniocentesis

For the study

  1. The doctor discusses the benefits but also risks of this test. He also explains the alternative options, such as an amniocentesis (amniocentesis). The woman also reports before the examination whether she has certain allergies

During the investigation

  1. Ultrasound The villus test is done via the cervix (transcervical) or via the abdomen (transabdominal). Both procedures are performed using ultrasound. To do this, the doctor first places a water-based gel on the skin that feels cold to the touch, because the woman will receive an ultrasound during the examination. Thanks to the gel, the transmission of the sound waves is better. Then the doctor places a kind of device (transducer) over the abdominal area and he slightly presses the device to adjust the position of the uterus


  1. Normal results

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