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Vinegar, how healthy is it and do you use it?

  1. Vinegar is indispensable in the kitchen. It is widely applicable and ideal for certain dishes. How do you get vinegar and does it add something to our diet? We have been using it for many years, more and more types of vinegar are being added, but what do we actually know about this basic natural product?

The base of vinegar

  1. As soon as air enters the barrel of wine, the alcohol can be converted into acetic acid (Pasteur discovered the acetic acid bacteria in the 19th century). Then wine vinegar is created. According to the aforementioned solution of acetic acid (up to about 15%), vinegar has various aromas and flavors added. The smallest amount that the name “vinegar” may still use, contains 4% wine vinegar.

How healthy is it?

  1. Advantages Vinegar is able to lower the blood sugar level in humans. If you add something of 10 grams to your meal, especially if it contains several sugars, the vinegar can ensure that the blood sugar level does not rise significantly. Certainly with diabetes patients who have eaten a slightly strong starchy meal, it is good to take something with vinegar afterwards (for example a small salad). Vinegar has also been attributed blood-lowering qualities as well as an inhibitory effect on the growth of tumors.


  1. Due to the acidity of vinegar, it can cause digestive problems in some people. If you regularly have acid regurgitation, then preferably do not take vinegar. Furthermore, regular vinegar is not really good for the teeth. So if you have used vinegar in your meal, rinse with clean water or brush your teeth well afterwards.

How do you apply it?

  1. In the meal Vinegar is such a product that can be used in various ways in the kitchen. We all know vinegar in combination with oil as a dressing in the various salads. A mild vinegar is also sometimes used with fish. Vinegar also makes the cucumber tastier, for example, by floating cucumber slices in some vinegar. You can also do the same with radishes. The vinegar is absorbed and gives extra flavor to the cucumber or radishes. Vinegar is also a basic product for mustard.

As a pesticide

  1. If you want to get rid of your weeds in a responsible way, then some vinegar in a spray bottle (10% vinegar and 90% water) and spray the plants with it is a great way to get rid of your get rid of weeds. Some plants are a bit more persistent and you will have to water a few times.

As a cleaning agent

  1. Vinegar can be used for various things, namely:


  1. A multifunctional product for the kitchen and it also has an effect on the inner man. An excellent product that should not disappear from the kitchen.

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