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Vomiting with blood

  1. If you surrender with blood in your vomit, you are generally quite shocked. Blood in the vomit is a sign that something is wrong with the body. You should therefore always consult yourself on what to do. If you repeatedly vomit with blood, it is necessary to seek medical attention. The causes of vomiting with blood can be less serious to very serious. What Causes Blood Vomiting?

Vomiting blood

  1. The esophageal blockage Allergic reaction Stomach ulcer Stomach cancer Vomiting blood: when to go to the doctor?

The esophageal blockage

  1. Imagine that you have eaten something, but you have not chewed it properly and not long enough. This means that the food has not absorbed enough saliva and can therefore be too large or too rough. If that food is swallowed, it can get stuck in the esophagus. You will generally not notice this much and usually the food will gradually be discharged through the esophagus into the stomach. Still, there is a chance that the food is stuck. After a few hours, you start to feel uncomfortable and have regurgitation. This goes from bad to worse and you start to feel nauseous. You rush to the toilet because you feel like you are going to vomit. And yes, you throw up. But you still have that food in the esophagus. The vomit is stopped by the stuck food and causing overpressure in the esophagus. The esophagus tears slightly locally. The food has come loose and the vomit is being thrown up. The wound releases blood and is also vomited. Be calm, the esophageal mucosa needs some time to recover. Normally you will not be bothered by it anymore. Note that sometimes the blockage is caused by an esophageal spasm

Allergic reaction

  1. You may have to vomit immediately after eating and have fresh blood in the vomit

Gastric ulcer

  1. In a stomach ulcer, the gastric mucosa is affected by the continuous action of the stomach acid

Vomiting blood: when to go to the doctor?

  1. Vomiting blood is often a sign of a serious situation. If you have vomited and felt a pain in the esophagus, it is probably due to a food blockage. Then you have to stay calm. If you have not felt that pain and you are vomiting with an increasing amount of blood then it is necessary to see the doctor. Having a stomach ulcer can now be treated well with medication. However, if the diagnosis is stomach or esophageal cancer, the outlook is less positive.

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