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Wash your hair with beer. Useful or not?

  1. Beer is good; according to most beer drinkers. Besides the fact that beer is nice to drink, beer is also very healthy. Beer lovers say beer reduces the risk of kidney stones. Drinking enough beer would also reduce the risk of dementia, heart failure and sweaty feet. If all the benefits are really true, it is actually surprising that drinking beer is not mandatory yet. According to many, beer is also good for your hair. True or False? To determine whether beer is really good for your hair, we look at what beer contains and what its properties are.


  1. Hops are an important constituent of beer. At first, hops were added to beer to increase the shelf life. In addition, hops provides a nice foam head. The bitter taste of beer is also due to hops. Because hops have 'nourishing qualities', hops are also found in skin creams. Hop has a good effect on skin infections and eczema, which is caused by the substances Xanthohumol, hop acids and hopeine. In shampoo, hops should reduce dandruff.


  1. The type of yeast contained in beer ensures that the glucose in the beer is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Yeast is therefore a very important ingredient in beer. After all, without yeast, the beer does not get alcohol. Brewer's yeast contains many useful substances, such as chromium and vitamins of the B complex. Brewer's yeast also contains a substance called biotin. Biotin is the same as vitamin H or vitamin B8 and ensures, among other things, the promotion of recovery processes in the body. Biotin is also said to have a positive effect on the hair. However, the substances from the yeast do their useful work from within the body and are not absorbed by the skin. In connection with this, brewer's yeast is processed into tablets. It is therefore unclear what the beneficial effect of yeast in shampoo should be. In all likelihood, yeast in beer (or shampoo) will have no effect on hair.


  1. Proteins are a type of proteins. In itself this is an important ingredient in beer and other foods. A shortage of proteins can even cause hair loss. So it doesn't sound surprising that proteins would be good for your hair. However, there are many different types of proteins. The proteins present in beer are usually corn, rice, or grain proteins. However, these proteins are not in the desired shape to work well in a shampoo. The story that proteins from beer can strengthen the hair structure is therefore not true.


  1. A 'real' beer naturally contains alcohol. A limited amount of alcohol can be good for your hair. Alcohol removes the dirt and grease from your hair. Your scalp is also degreased by alcohol. However, the amount of alcohol in an average beer is too low to have sufficient effect on your hair or your scalp. This ingredient also does not give enough reason to wash your hair with beer.

Low pH value

  1. It is said that agents with a low pH value (acidity) ensure that the so-called hair cuticles of the hair close. The result of this is that the hair starts to shine. Beer has a relatively low pH value, because carbon dioxide is dissolved in it. However, it is too small to have any influence on the shine of your hair. This ingredient of beer is therefore not very useful for your hair.


  1. Most of the ingredients from a beer have little or no positive effects on your hair. It doesn't make much sense to wash your hair with beer. However, it can't hurt either. If you plan to wash your hair with beer, it is advisable to dilute the beer a little. That way you will have less trouble with the typical beer smell.

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