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Water variations, 10 tips for drinking water

  1. Water is a liquid nutrient that helps digest other nutrients and converts them into energy. Smart people put a pitcher of water on their desk to drink it during the day. It is also a welcome welcome for guests to be able to pick up a pitcher of water and pour a glass of water. In good hotels, a pitcher of water is often available in the lobby for you to draw yourself. However, there are many water variations that can make drinking water more fun, tastier and healthier.

1. Water with lemon juice

  1. Most people know that you drink water with lemon

3. Water with lime

  1. What goes for lemon, you can also do with a lime

4. Water with mint leaves

  1. Two sprigs of fresh mint

5. Make your own mineral water

  1. You can mix water with a little natural salt. Do not use table salt or table salt for this because it contains only one mineral. Use unrefined Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt; there are 85 minerals

7. Filtered water

  1. Tap water is generally very healthy in the Netherlands. Yet here too the pipes on land are polluted and there are all kinds of unwanted particles in the water. For example, there can be an excessive concentration of aluminum in water, which can eventually lead to brain damage and Alzheimer's. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a water filter. You can make coffee with filtered water

8. Water with vinegar

  1. It may sound crazy to drink water with vinegar but it used to be a very normal way to make a refreshing drink yourself. In addition, a little bit of vinegar is quite healthy. In the organic

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