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Weekend Weight Loss

  1. Do you sin so much during the weekend that you have to pull out all the stops during the week? Have a drink with tasty snacks, croissants for breakfast and take away fries?

  1. It is of course a shame that you have to start all over again on Monday, because you have indulged yourself in fatty and sweet foods. We give tips for every kind of weekend that will help you overcome that temptation. to resist.

Relaxation weekend

  1. Do you just want to relax during your weekend? Then don't just hang out on the couch with snacks. Go do something fun, like go into town or watch a sports match (of your child, partner, boyfriend or girlfriend). A day of fresh air on the beach also brings peace of mind and the great outdoors is good for you. After that, don't look for relaxation in food, but retire to the bathroom and give your body some extra care.

Run and Fly Weekend

  1. Shopping, cleaning and healthy eating? Don't be tempted by the convenience of microwave meals or the snack bar on the corner. Cook healthy food easily and consider Saturday or Sunday as a normal weekday.

Dinner out weekend

  1. Many people treat themselves to a pleasant and tasty restaurant visit at the weekend. If you know you are going out for dinner, you can try to take that into account during the day. Eat a smaller portion during breakfast and lunch and only fruit in between, that way you compensate a number of calories for dinner. You can also take a few things into account when you eat out: Choose two starters instead of a starter and a main course. Have a light (not creamy) soup as an appetizer. Instead of fries, choose a salad. Avoid butter with bread. Share your dessert with someone. Have coffee or tea instead of dessert. Drink lots of water for a fuller feeling. Do not drink more than two glasses of wine.

Party weekend

  1. Parties often go together with liters of alcohol. Try to limit your drinking to one or two glasses of alcohol. Drink mixed drinks with diet soda and dry white or red wine. Have a dance on the dance floor and go home by bike.

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