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What can I eat if I have high blood pressure?

  1. Do you want a lower blood pressure? There is already a lot to be gained by adjusting your lifestyle. Not smoking, relaxing as much as possible and exercising regularly helps a lot, but a healthy diet also contributes to good blood pressure. You may be on medication for your high blood pressure. Even then, healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are part of your treatment plan. The doctor is leading in the treatment.


  1. Do you have high blood pressure? Then you will receive a reimbursement from your health insurance. Are you also overweight? Then you are also eligible for a combined lifestyle intervention. Read about the reimbursements for nutrition and lifestyle advice. View the nutritional advice for high blood pressure below.

The Wheel of Five as a basis

  1. If you eat according to the Wheel of Five, you take good care of yourself, even if you have high blood pressure. The Wheel of Five contains foods that are good for the heart and blood vessels, such as vegetables, fruit, whole grain products, legumes, nuts and fish. The Wheel of Five also contains products with a lot of fiber, not too much saturated fat and not too much salt. Useful pages to view: Overview: what does the Wheel of Five contain? This way you eat enough fiber 250 grams of vegetables per day: that's what it looks like 200 grams of fruit per day: that's what it looks like

Healthy weight

  1. If you are overweight, losing weight will help lower your blood pressure. Especially if you have a large belly size. With our BMI meter you can calculate whether you have a healthy weight. Or take a look at our pages about losing weight. If you are overweight, losing 5 to 15% weight can already improve your blood pressure.

Special considerations for high blood pressure

  1. 1. Eat less salt Eating less salt lowers your blood pressure. You pay attention to salt by, for example, leaving ready meals, food from packages and bags and salty snacks as much as possible. There is no salt in fresh, unprocessed products. And the salt that you sprinkle over the food yourself can be replaced by (fresh) herbs. View all our tips for eating less salt. 2. Not too much licorice and licorice tea Licorice and licorice tea contains the blood pressure-increasing substance glycyrrhizin. A few liquorice or a cup of liquorice tea won't hurt. 3. No alcohol Alcohol increases blood pressure from 2 glasses a day. The advice is not to drink alcohol, or if you still want to drink no more than 1 glass in a day. 4. Get enough exercise At least 2.5 hours of exercise every week lowers your blood pressure and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, while sitting still often increases the risk. Brisk walking, cycling, vacuuming, gardening: it all counts. 5. Do not smoke Not smoking and quitting smoking reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.


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