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What do you do with the other half of an avocado?

  1. It is very tasty, such an avocado, but a whole avocado is a bit much for one person. What do you do with the other half, without it turning brown? Throwing away is of course a shame. We have listed five tips for you.

1. No oxygen

  1. Do you want the other half of your avocado to last as long as possible? Make sure that it comes into contact with oxygen as little as possible. Cover the avocado with foil as soon as possible or keep it in a vacuum bag or container in the refrigerator.

2. Or oxygen

  1. It is also said that you should just put the avocado in the fridge. Of course it will turn brown, but the top layer will protect the rest of the avocado. So just peel off the top layer!

3. An avocado with stone

  1. Use half without stone and keep it with stone. The kernel has never been proven to contain certain substances that would keep the avocado well, but it does protect much of the fruit from oxygen (unless you have one with little kernel, of course).

4. Lemon juice

  1. Many swear by lemon juice. Pour some lemon juice over the cut side of the avocado and it will stay protected from the brown spots for longer. This also works very well for apples and pears.

5. Freezing Did you know that you can buy frozen avocado in the supermarket nowadays? We can do that too. Pit and peel the remaining avocado, cut it into cubes or strips and freeze it. You can keep the avocado in this way for months. Do you want to use â € ?m again? Defrost the avocado in the refrigerator or at room temperature. The texture will change slightly, but this makes the thawed avocado perfect for guacamole or as an addition to your smoothie. Also read Avocado, fat healthy

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