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What if you don't use margarine, low-fat margarine or liquid baking and frying products?

  1. In the Netherlands, vitamins A and D are added to margarine, low-fat margarine and liquid shortening and frying fat. It also contains vitamin E. If you don't spread low-fat margarine or margarine on your bread or if you fry in oil instead of in liquid margarine or a baking and frying product, you will get less vitamins A, D and E.

  1. Vitamin A Your body makes vitamin A from the substance beta-carotene. Certain types of vegetables are high in beta-carotene. Think of carrots, pointed cabbage and green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach. When you eat these vegetables regularly, you get enough vitamin A.

Vitamin D

  1. Sunlight is the main source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is made in your skin when the sun shines on it. In addition, you get vitamin D through your food. Besides the fact that vitamin D is added to margarine, low-fat margarine and liquid cooking fat, it is naturally mainly found in fatty fish, such as mackerel and herring. There is also a little in meat, eggs and milk products (including butter). If you do not use margarine, low-fat margarine and liquid shortening and frying fat, you will receive less vitamin D than if you only use oil. Because you also get vitamin D through other products and sunlight, you don't have to get a shortage right away. For some groups, the advice is to take extra vitamin D in the form of pills, capsules or drops. For example, people with a tinted skin and people who spend little time in the sun during the day receive this advice because they obtain less vitamin D from sunlight. If you take extra vitamin D, you do not have to worry that you are not getting enough vitamin D if you do not use margarine, low-fat margarine and liquid cooking fat. See if you are advised to take extra vitamin D.

  1. Vitamin E Vitamin E is found in sunflower oil, bread, grain products, nuts, seeds, vegetables and fruits. As far as is known, vitamin E deficiencies do not occur in the Netherlands.

Keep track of whether you are getting enough vitamin A and D

  1. You can keep track of whether you are getting enough Vitamin A and D with our online food diary "De Eetmeter" via My Nutrition Center

  1. Not sure whether you are deficient in vitamin A or D? If you are unsure whether your nutrients are deficient, you can consult a dietician or doctor. A dietician will give you tailor-made advice and a doctor may test your blood for deficiencies.

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