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What to do against sweaty hands? Tips for clammy hands

  1. Do you often suffer from those annoying sweaty hands? Then you know that sweaty hands are especially annoying in social situations. This phenomenon often leads to additional symptoms such as stress, psychological insecurity and shame. Damp, clammy hands usually first appear during puberty and are in many cases hereditary. There is still much debate about the medical cause of sweaty hands. Talcum powder and anti-perspiration creams can quickly relieve the complaints, but in severe cases more far-reaching treatments are also possible. What can you do against sweaty hands and what tips are useful in the treatment of clammy hands?

Sweaty hands

  1. Sweating is a reaction of the body to get rid of waste products. By perspiring, the skin purifies itself of excess substances in order to "breathe" better. Sweating only becomes disturbing when it occurs in situations where there is no obvious cause. In that case, people who always suffer from damp, clammy hands are

Symptoms of sweaty hands

  1. The medical term for sweaty hands is hyperhydrosis palmaris. The symptoms that occur here are primarily sweaty, moist palms. Sometimes the condition is so severe that sweat literally drips from your hand. If you keep your palm above the table you can see the drops drip from your hands onto the table. Having clammy sweaty hands often occurs with stress

Clammy-handed puberty

  1. Hands that start to sweat remarkably strongly can lead to a feeling of panic, especially because the cause is uncertain. Because this condition also starts in puberty, feelings of fear and insecurity can become very intense. In puberty you learn to discover yourself and it is a bit of figuring out how to deal with yourself. A condition such as sweaty hands can then be very annoying. Sweaty hands are often hereditary

Causes sweaty hands

  1. An obvious cause appears to be stress, along with uncertainty. But people with sweaty hands often have overly strong sweat glands in the hands (and sometimes feet). Stress, social pressure and psychological insecurity

Sweaty hands treatment

  1. For extensive medical advice regarding your sweaty hands, it is best to visit your dermatologist (skin specialist). He can advise more specialized remedies such as a treatment with botox

Tips against clammy hands

  1. Sweaty hands are particularly annoying because you have no control over them, just like with reddening and blushing. If you sweat more on your hands in certain situations, such as with tension or stress, it is recommended to remove the causes of that stress. An unambiguous treatment against clammy hands is difficult to give, but you can use the following remedies and tips

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