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When does a drink make you fat?

  1. Even if you want to lose weight, you are welcome to drink a glass of wine or a beer every now and then. Choose wisely what and how much you drink. When does alcohol make you fat?

  1. Alcohol has no nutritional value. There are no useful nutrients in it. Energy is released during the breakdown of alcohol. Because these calories from alcohol provide no nutritional value, they are also referred to as 'empty' calories.


  1. One gram of alcohol provides 7 kilocalories. In comparison: one gram of fat provides 9 kilocalories and carbohydrates and proteins each provide 4 kilocalories per gram. A wine glass of wine, a beer glass of lager and a shot glass of distilled all three deliver about the same amount of alcohol, namely 10 grams. That they already have at least 70 kilocalories per glass. Some alcoholic drinks also contain a lot of sugar or cream, making them even higher in calories. Liquors, sweet white wine, cocktails and mixed drinks are real calorie bombs.


  1. Your body cannot store the energy from alcohol and wants to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Therefore, if you eat and drink something, your body burns the calories from the alcohol first and then the calories from the foods you have eaten. If you do not burn the calories from the accompanying snacks, you will store them as fat. Especially in men, that fat settles first around the waist, creating the well-known beer belly.


  1. The calories in your drink don't make you feel full. Drinks give you an extra appetite and that is why it is often accompanied by high-calorie snacks and fatty snacks. Peanuts or snacks with a drink, a cheese platter with a glass of wine, stop by the snack bar after going out: these are not exactly slim combinations.


  1. How can you still enjoy a drink now and then without feeling guilty? Choose drinks that don't contain as much sugar or cream. This way you can better skip mixed drinks and coffee liqueurs. Do not drink alcohol every day, but limit it to a party or weekend occasionally. Stick to one or two drinks and then switch to water. Soda is not a slim alternative, because it also contains a lot of calories. Do not drink alcohol to quench your thirst, you can do that better with water. Enjoy your drink in peace. You will get a lot less calories if you sip one glass of champagne quietly than if you down one glass of beer after another. Avoid fatty snacks and snacks. Have some raw vegetables, salty stems, Japanese mix or popcorn with your drink.

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