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Which flowers are edible and how do you use them?

  1. We are hearing more and more about edible flowers. Edible flowers for a salad or with a small snack. There are quite a few edible flowers and it is not surprising that we are using them more and more. This may be partly due to our desire for what nature has to offer us. Furthermore, it is good to know that not every flower is edible and therefore some care must be taken when working with edible flowers.

Flower types that are edible

  1. The assumption that all flowers are edible is incorrect. It is true that relatively many flowers are edible. Just like our vegetables, the edible flowers also have different flavors. Edible flowers are mainly used as a seasoning, just like the regular herbs. Since we wanted to involve nature more in our daily lives again, and that has certainly taken off at the beginning of this century, we have also embraced the flowers as part of the meal.

Eat edible flowers safely

  1. If you want to eat edible flowers safely, it is about which flowers you eat, how you combine flavors and the way you store them. [! 158811 => 1130 = 1061!] Save

  1. Usually only the petals of the flower are used, but fresh young buds of flowers are also often fine to eat (as they get older they usually taste bitter). Some flowers have real pistils, you should always remove them.

Tasty and safe

  1. Sometimes the best option is to taste the taste of the leaves first, and then use them in a recipe. In any case, make sure that they are organic flowers. The flowers in the regular flower shop are generally not suitable for it (in connection with, for example, pesticides that have been used in the greenhouses).


  1. Edible flowers brighten up the meal, literally and figuratively. Because it is a real seasoning, trying is often the best option to experience the desired taste and apply it in your dishes. After all, checking which flowers are edible is of course also important.

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