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Which is better: spring water, mineral water or tap water?

  1. Water is very healthy. It has no calories and it does not affect your teeth. In the Netherlands it is best to drink water from the tap. There is also spring water and mineral water for sale, with and without carbon dioxide. What is the difference?

Tap water

  1. Dutch tap water is among the best in the world. So you can save yourself a lot of money by drinking tap water. For 1 euro you can drink water all year round, based on 1.5 liters per person per day. With bottled water you are 150 to 500 times more expensive. In addition, tap water appears to be hundreds of times better for the environment than bottled water and all other bottled drinks. If you do buy prepackaged water, save the environment by buying a returnable bottle instead of a disposable bottle. Or reuse the bottle by refilling it with tap water. Read more about hygiene when refilling. Do you have lead pipes in the house? Or do you live in a house with new pipes or new taps? Then there are recommendations for the use of tap water. Check out these advices.

  1. Spring water This water is extracted from natural or subterranean sources. It is not further treated or purified, so it ends up pure in the bottle. Sometimes it is extracted from the same layer in the ground as tap water.

  1. Mineral water Mineral water does not have to meet the requirements of our tap water. Mineral water sometimes contains more mineral salts than tap water. Sometimes they are very salty. Do you want to know if the mineral water is not too salty? Then read the label. If you read there that there are more than 0.02 grams of salt (20 milligrams of sodium) per 100 milliliters, the water contains more salt than there is on average in tap water.

Sparkling and mineral water

  1. Carbonated water (prick) is slightly more acidic than non-carbonated water. But it is not so acidic that it is bad for your teeth. You can do it every day drink, although it is better to choose tap water, because of the environment and you wallet.

Flavored water

  1. In the supermarket you can also buy water with a taste, for example with lemon, peach or mint. If only a flavor aroma has been added, this produces water with a taste no calories and it is in the Wheel of Five. Waters to which acids, such as citric acid added are less good for the teeth.

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