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Which tea is the best to drink?

  1. It is best to drink black tea and green tea. These teas lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of stroke. The advice for adults is to drink 3 cups of green or black tea per day. Other types of tea, such as rooibos, ginger or mint tea, are actually not real tea because this tea does not come from the tea plant. They are infusions of herbs, plants, spices or a combination thereof. There is no caffeine in these types of tea. Black and green tea does contain caffeine. Children under the age of 13 can also drink around 2 cups of green or black tea a day. All types of tea without sugar are included in the Wheel of Five. The advice is not to drink a lot more or the same (herbal) tea in addition to the 3 cups of black and green tea. That certainly applies to children. Alternate well, also with other drinks such as water, filtered coffee and dairy products such as milk or soy drink.

What is black and green tea?

  1. Black and green tea comes from the "tea plant" Camellia sinensis. Black tea is oxidized after picking and drying. This creates the black color and the specific taste. Green tea comes from the same tea plant, but it is not oxidized. That is why this tea keeps its green color. Black tea is available in various flavors, for example English breakfast, English blend, Earl gray and fruit flavored tea (such as orange, lemon, strawberry, forest fruits). The label states that it is made from black tea. Green tea is also available in different varieties, for example green tea with lemon or mint.

  1. What is white tea and Oolong tea? White and Oolong tea also come from the tea plant. Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized tea and is therefore somewhat in between green and black tea. It is therefore plausible that the health effects for black and green tea apply to Oolong tea. White tea is the least processed. It has not been investigated whether the health effects are comparable to those of black or green tea.

What is theine-free tea?

  1. Perhaps the health effects of green and black tea also apply to tea from which the caffeine (also called theine in tea) is extracted. But that has not been studied. Therefore, the advice of 3 cups of tea per day does not apply to theine-free tea. Drinking theine-free tea is of course also a great way to get enough fluid.

What is herbal tea, such as rooibos and chamomile tea?

  1. Herbal tea

  1. Is iced tea also tea? Sometimes iced tea is made from real tea. But iced tea often contains a lot of sugar. Due to the amount of sugar, the health benefits of tea do not apply to iced tea. However, you can make sugar-free iced tea yourself by letting the tea cool down and adding flavor with a slice of lemon, orange or a sprig of mint.

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